blazer: mom, striped shirt: AE-a friend, shorts: f21, tights

just an outfit i wore a couple of days ago.

sorry for the lack of posts recently! i've been really busy with school and have been really sick D:
finals is next week :(

i will be up and posting soon! <3



Jess ♡ said...

Get better ASAP :) Very adorable nautical-esque look, you always look so put together yet so casual... jealous! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINALS! I'll be sending you good vibes <3 I hope your work at AA has been going well too! xo

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

I like this :)

School takes up too much time!

Vinda Sonata said...

i really like the vintage blazer. that looks really great on you. i love how proportionally coorect everything is. i always like your styles :)

Tayler said...

love the blazer with the shorts. <3


Kiyo said...

Love the blazer!

Rianna Bethany said...

Hope you feel better, outfit looks great
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

Camilla said...

LOVE your jacket! xxx


betz said...

Jessica, I can't begin to tell you how I love your blazer! you look so effortlessly chic.


ps. i left you an award on my blog. check it out?

Victoria said...

i loved this outfit!

crazypig said...

The blazer is awesome, I love this outfit! ♥

Chloe T said...

Thank you Jessica!
Another fantastic outfit, as usual! I love the denim shorts and tights combo, it never ceases to work :)
Hope you get better soon and good luck on your finals :)

Chloe xxx

Style Bird said...

This is perfect..I love your style. You are elegant! xo ava

Katya said...

Very simple and so nice!