drippin' with alchemy

umm.. say back to school outfit maybe? lol, i don't know about what i'm wearing for the first day... it's gotta be comfortable. check it out on lookbook.nu
[1] shot of everything laid out
glasses from UO, blazer from MY MOM, dress from TARGET, and bow from MY MOM
[2] close up of sequins
i LOVE this dress, even though it's quite itchy, haha. it's really like chic, but not over the top with the strings of sequins. MAN I LOVE TARGET <3
[3] close up of fleur de lys
the blazer is navy and has gold buttons, as well as this amazing stitched fleur de lys on the lapel pocket. i love the versatility of this jacket, as i can wear it casually with dark denim and a simple tee shirt, or with a cute dress like the gold sequined one.


Shana Hu said...

ahh that blazer is gorgeous.
and the outfit is put together so well(:

ally m. said...

that outfits amazing
i wish we had target in canada :( but that blazer is gorgeous
i'm not going to lie, you have the most amazing blog! I just did like 3 of your DIY hahah :D

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this.
so so jealous of your totally epic blazer right now!