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dresses, dresses, and shirtdresses. these are some of my favorites in the closet : [1,2] seafoam green chiffon layered dress from my mother, this was my 8th grade gradution dress, but everyone was like 'yo why's your dress so "different" looking' and i was like... 'um because i'd rather wear a dress that isn't stretchy and has flowers all over it from nordstroms' anyways, i truly adore this dress, its SOO comfortable and drapes beautifully when i wear it :) [3,4] white embroidered beach dress/cover-up got this from my mom's friend. it's hard to decide how to wear this, (i just wore a tank top under) because it's so see-through. but, i still love it. the sleeves are as equally intricate as the embroidery on the chest. very greek. [5]striped shirtdress, DIY chain necklace, black tights the shirtdress is from my mom, DUH, like always. and the chain necklace was made by using pliers and adding chains onto each other. i love LOOSE clothing.


mifajyar said...

Love your blog!
I love loose clothing too.. :))

kelsea said...

jessica, this is my first time on your blog and i am already a huge fan. i love the simplicity of your outfits!! stay cool! (i'm following/linking you btw)