speed of sound

sorry for lack of posting again, my comp is still wired downstairs and my dad is on it, OFTEN. lol [1] black velvet SKIRT, i know. with DKNY white bodysuit i'd say there's a certain dress-up factor to this picture, because i probably wouldn't wear it unless there was a wrapped skirt under it. [2]white DIY singlet OUTFIT UNO, royal blue pleated skirt f21, black leather belt, black tights, vintage doctor bag DIY again! weeee, i'll xpln -white singlet or teeshirt -fabric markers -ruler (if you're RC, ruler challenged, mind you) this is a FAIRLY easy DIY, yet the result is a streamlined and chic piece that matches with many things, (refer to two oufit pictures, more to come) start by grabbing a ruler and taking your pencil, draw a rectangle that's about 2 inches (actually, WHATEVER width you desire) and then continue by leaving some space, then drawing another box that is SLIGHTLY smaller than the one before. once you reach the smallest line ever, say a toothpick's width thick, then you probably wanna stop :) for the perfectionists/opposite-of-perfectionists, you may either use pencil entirely first then go over it OR use pen first.
PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST THIS DIY ON YOUR BLOG, THANKS. [3]white DIY singlet OUTFIT DOS, H&M motorcycle jacket, black tights, vintage doctor bag this be my example of rocker chic without going LEATHER, STUDS, AND BANDANAS/bananas (which is going over the top, you know) pairing it with the COTTON, not LEATHER motorcycle jacket tones it down a bit, from looking like you just parked your harley. [4] LOVE YOU JANE ALDRIDGE, Sea of Shoes just recently saw her in the VOGUE ISSUE, AUG 2009 and i ADORE her blog :) xx

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Anonymous said...

your shirt came out amazing!
i messed up mine!... i somehow got like redish/pinkish marks on it. and the "o" is bold! haha maybe i'll get some fabric markers so i can fix the other letters...

love all 3 outfits! post them on lookbook! :)

-nico <3