buoys and gulls

hey buoys and gulls, ( love the name of seaside tourist shops, afishionados, abercrabby and fish)!
[1]multicolored street orb lights
love these. they made catalina UNBLAND by doing this :D
btw, saw really people and really cool outfits on this street, i WILL ask for their pictures when i get a professional (or semi professional) camera
[2]outfit of the day
hunter green silk tank from mom, baroque necklace from f21, cutoffs from f21, shoes from UO, new ray-ban inspired sunnies!
[3]me and my friend victoria
cute outfits call for good pictures. on her--mustard chain bag from f21, appropriately nautical dress from f21 also, t straps from ross, and heart necklace from f21 (i think) AAAANNND top it off with a bottle of fresh ARIZONA ICED TEA :)
[4]baroque necklace f21
love how it gives sheen to the whole outfit
[5]my baby brother acting v scared in front of the casino
hehehehe, he's so funny. i wanted to take a picture with him, so i held him and put him on the edge, and he started screaming :]
tonight's my last night, and tomorrow's my last day!
TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: seeing gold buffalo poo on sale, the extremely relaxing hot tub, mild weather, ice water, tracking this girl wearing a beautiful chloe f.w 09 inspired oatmeal slouch sweater, a great camel leather doctor bag, and a cute fedora--next day, beautiful chambray button up tucked up into white high waisted shorts, and messy, but gorgeous blond hair tied up (sorry, kinda stalkerish when it comes to people wth great style), then cute guys and i'm SWELL


the christy said...

woww, you look really nice in these pictures:)
i really like your style!
and omg your baby brother is so cute ^_^

E said...

Your necklace is gorgeous! i love the muted color of your top, too - very elegant.