you could break my heart

the omnipotent transformable tartan dress i love it. found it in my sister's closet... WAYYYY up there. it was my mom's, and its actually a long long skirt :D that's what i do... all the time (i.e. james perse skirt into a strapless dress) i love it.. even though it's pretty long, i can also hitch it up (planning on sewing it into something cool later on... much later on..) that's me @ about 7. my great snow booties. oh gee. the weekend is GOOD. but i still have to do my laundry, some leftover homeworkkk, and stuff :/ just watched take the lead +no turning back - Sarah Blasko +habanera - Kate Nash +in my place - Coldplay +toxic - Yael Naim xx


Chloe T said...

Lovely skirt-transformed-dress! Love the fluidity of the tartan and the belt's really nice too. :D
Awesome post!


paulfrankrox918 said...

hahaha are you talking about the skirt/dress you wore @ my surprise bday party and it practically fell off? hahaha that was amazing.
ASIAN P%RN%. hahaha
love this one! it's super cute! can't wait to see what you do with it.

Bella said...

cute dress and CUTER old photo!!! awawaawwwww :) xxxx

Jess said...

fantastic dress and I swear I had those white boots when I was a kid as well ahaha

Anonymous said...

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