look me in the eye

finally, some clothing, ON ME! :D i stole my dad's camera for the day, and got some pictures of this beautiful navy shoulder-padded blazer with gold buttons & a fleur-de-lys on the breaspocket. it's still quite big, but i really love the deep navy & the gold stitching. (worn with denim cutoffs from f21)
the last picture is a drawing/watercolour that i recently did. i was inspired by the eyelashes i did on this diy shirt. i used a uniball ONYX ink pen for the eyes and my watercolour set from 2003. or sometime back then. very old. what do you think of it?


Style Bird said...

I love the blazer..it is perfect, love it with the shorts. Your watercolor is beautiful.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That blazer is so fabulous and looks amazing on you! And that watercolor you did is stunning. I love it. You are quite talented! I hope you do more work soon and share it with us. :)

Bella said...

that watercolour is awesome! nice jacket too :) xxx

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for finding my blog & commenting & linking me. I've just linked yours, too: it's lovely!
It's funny, I posted a little while ago - early Sept, I think - on how I love this type of blazer, or school blazers, with insignia.. I love how you're wearing it in these shots.

And the illustration with the eyelashes: beautiful!! Perhaps we could work together on something someday soon. Please do stay in touch & please comment again ; )

Anonymous said...

I love your jacket, and that watercolour is beautiful! Great blogging :)
Please visit my blog sometime...