the winner of the TWENTY-TEN-CONTEST is...
drumroll please.....
ANNELISE! from In Order To Be Irreplaceable
Her entry: "I would wear it with a simple black silk pocket tank worn under a gold sequin skirt with christian louboutin leopard booties."

she will be receiving the zipper and chain necklace i made as well as a few surprise items. congratulations!

+++next, to my runner ups i award this:

1. JULIO CAESAR from White Soft Rope.
his entry: "I would wear this necklace with my mohair poncho with gold zipper detailing, my Vivienne Westwood brooch and my black patent leather studded shoes."

2. CELIA from A Sea Green Sky.
her entry: "i'd wear it with an oversize softtt gray converse men's tee tucked in/draped over a navy and green small print floral skirt with distressed white canvas loafers and a strand of pearls, and a huge black ring"

3. HAYLEY HARRIS from Model Rookie.
her entry: "I would want to bring the focus to the necklace, so wear it with a high waisted black bandeau skirt so the line hits just where the necklace finishes, then wear a light shoulder padded floaty blouse, with my spotted black tights and black platform ankle boots so you have that tailored fit with the loose blouse and edgy necklace and ankle boots"

Thank you ALL for entering my contest giveaway. All the entries gave me great visuals for what people really would wear with the necklace, and it was sort of like i was going through a mental lookbook! There will be more contest-giveaways in the future coming your way, so keep up with my blog :D It was fun reading the entries and i hope it will be even more fun for my next giveaway!



annelise. said...

Thank you so much!!

annelise. said...

ps. just featured you on my blog! wanted to let you know.


celia said...

thank you so much! just a note though--the url that's attached to my name or however the technical terms go is actually wrong.. i think i may have written it wrong before but my blog's actually http://myseagreensky.blogspot.com

and again--THANKS!

Jess ♡ said...

Ahhh congratulations!! <3

Style Bird said...

Congrats to Annelise!! xoxo ava