soooi tried to put more pictures in this post of ME because i've been lagging on that :D
the 3rd and 4th pictures are actually what i wore TODAY, but the first two are what i was experimenting with.
i wore a DKNY camel blazer from my mom, black dress from banana republic, black tights, and (IMG NT AVLBL) brown riding boots, anddd vintage charles jourdan bag.

some weeks ago i found these amazing high-waisted trousers in my garage, but they were too long.. and i don't wear trousers... so i cut them into shorts!
i love them so much, the have a really vintage-y feel to them, and the high-waist is SPECTACULAR.
i need to replace the button with another one (it's way too flamboyantly silver.. doesn't really match..) and after that they're ready for wear!! unless.. i get too lazy to do so :D
i wore it with a creamy white ruffle lace blouse (from my childhood) and plan on wearing my crisscross camel colored flats from UO. (orrr something else i'll dream of). knee highs? i don't knowwww.
 anyways, it's time for: SPOT THE BRUISES!!
i have two. one is extremely visible.. the other is not so much.. i didn't notice the second one until i uploaded the pictures! arm and knee. EW.
i love lyrical, but it seems to hate me.



Jess ♡ said...

Duuude, those shorts are FANTASTIC. I completely agree, SPECTACULARRRRRR. They fit and sit wonderfully on you ;) Those bruises look awfully painful... <3 Hope they recover asap!

Vinda Sonata said...

lovely combination and i love the camel blazer. that's very classic and you look lovely as usual :)

p.s. i'm a fan of yours in LB!

isabelle said...

dang i wanna long blazer

Victoria said...

loved ur outfit today! and those shorts are amazing or "spectacular!"

Victoria said...

loved ur outfit today! and those shorts are amazing or "spectacular!"

fashion westie said...

Great outfits. The shorts and frilly shirt combo...nice!

Love reworking old sturr into trendy stuff...just a tweak can produce a rockin garment.

lucylucylucy said...

wheres your blouse from? maybe you have already stated but i am blind.

Chloe said...

love the blouse, beautiful blog

Vivian Tumasonis said...

Thanks! And thanks for visiting!

I bought in a store here in Brazil, "M", I think there is out there!

The site is www.blogdaemme.com!

Posted today a new look, go there to check!



Camilla said...

Great photos!


C. said...

those shorts are beautiful!!!!

xo, C.

Chloe T said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Jessica! :)

I love both of your wonderful outfits, equally.
The frilly-ness of the blouse coupled with the high-waisted shorts makes for a fantastic outfit, I love it.
That DKNY blazer really is lovely though.. I can't decide which outfit I prefer!

You have such brill fashion sense :D!

Chloe xxx

mariel elisa said...

you should definitely finish these shorts, they are perfect

E said...

Ah, that blazer and that wonderful frilly blouse are fabulous!

Kiyo said...

I love the shorts!

Katya said...

nice shorts and you're wearing very beautiful blouse.

NANX said...

this outfit is amazing! Reminds me of the Chloe collection very pretty

bekster said...

I love the shorts paired with the white elegant blouse.
So nice :D