with this necklace:

(click for larger images)

I'm having my first ever CONTEST/GIVEAWAY! it's extremely exciting for me, and i can't wait to read all the entries!

- box art!
- zipper chain necklace handmade by me
- a few surprise items that won't be mentioned!


1. Follow this blog if you haven't already! (you WON'T be disappointed :D)
2. In your entry, describe what you would wear with the necklace in ONE SENTENCE.
ALSO, please leave your personal email and a URL of a runway look that you currently adore
3. Hit submit and lookout on updates!

good luck, everyone :)
DEADLINE: Saturday, January 9th, 2010
*i will be deleting any entries if it is longer than one sentence (the description of what you would wear)*


Chloe T said...
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Marina said...
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Tayler said...

Love the necklace! on of my resolutions is to be more feminine but edgy, so i would wear something very feminine, like a floral dress/blazer/ boots combo.

current runway look obsession: christian Dior white dress <3


- - bighairandbikinis.blogspot.com

Chloe T said...

Hey Jessica!
Ah, no worries -- I know I wrote quite a lot haha, I just had so much to say!
Can the description of the outfit be a LONG sentence? ;)

Anyway, a second try:
1. Already following
2. As I said before, I would wear the zip chain necklace my favourite DKNY JEANS black skinny jeans with an acid-wash, burnt-out tank top (maybe from Urban Outfitters), a long, dark emerald green, merino wool cardigan (maybe from Gap, Topshop or Zara), battered Doc Martens (average 8-holes) and either a black, leather studded satchel or the Proenza Schouler PS1 in navy suede -- all of this highlights upon dark, punk-rocker, edgy themes with subtle variations of black (with the dark emerald and navy) whilst still being on trend.

My e-mail is chloetam_@hotmail.com

Also, contrary to the outfit described above, I would have to say that one of my most enjoyed runway collections would have to be Burberry Prorsum S/S '10 RTW.
I just love all the soft, powdery colours involved in Burberry's RTW '10 collection, it's all so elegant and beautiful! I love nude colours and I adore the alteration to the classic Burberry trench -- as well as this, I really like the intricacy of the ruffle details. For once, 'RTW' has actually applied to this Spring collection because the outfits are very wearable and not too OTT like other collections in the past. It is definitely one of the strongest I've seen this year and I would count myself lucky to own any piece from the Burberry Prorsom S/S '10 collection!


Thanks again :) (I know I write loads, it's becoming a problem, haha)
Chloe http://www.chloeinfinite.blogspot.com

Mika said...


Probably my black AA dress worn as a skirt with a Hanes shirt that I have written on, black tights, and runners.



Marina said...
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Marina said...

1. already following

2. I would wear the necklace with a black top that has a nice shape and pair it with my favorite black riding (Rag & Bone) pants.

3. vogue0009@aol.com

4. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2009CTR-ESAAB/?loop=0&&iphoto=11&play=false&cnt=67

Christi D said...

1.I"m already a follower thanks for the contest
2. First I would wear it with my best skinny jeans, plain tank top, my H&M boots and moto leather jacket.

current fave runway look: Balmain love his jackets and choice of shows and how everthing goes together

Emilie.Katogo said...

1. Following since 09 :)

2. Raybans, oversized white vest top, torn/distressed leggings/jeggings and gladiators.

3. milesz_x@live.com

4. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/2010RST-AWANG

TIFFANY said...

i would wear it with a white shredded tee with a black tank top underneath, black skinny jeans, my collection of 14 necklaces, and salvatore ferragamo red esque flat heels.
some of this i seriously wish i own (the shoes!)...


runaway look:
couldnt decide between these two opposite ends of the spectrum


Katya said...

you have got beautiful appearance!

now, i think with my fave black fake fur vest. my e-mail is on my page. http://ekaterinavasilenkova.blog.com/files/2010/01/iqjyqg.jpg.

Courtney O. said...

gorgeous necklace love. the picture looks stunning! and yayyy first contest!
1. been following for a bit
2. I would wear this necklace with my favorite v-neck tee from forever 21 and my new black and blue striped skirt from forever 21 with leggings and my $9 fioni heels, because this is currently my favorite outfit, but i dont have a truly beautiful handmade necklace like that that would compliment it as well as the zipper necklace may.

email: courtneylovsu16@yahoo.com
favorite runway look: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2010RTW-KLAGERFELD?page=1
it's in the third row, third to the left. a simple blue coat. this line was ridiculously gorgeous! but this item, i could definitely see myself wearing on a daily basis ;]

Jess ♡ said...

God I LOVE YOUR DYI's, clearly you need to teach me a thing or two.

1. Followwwwwwwwing :)

2. In all honesty I would wear the necklace with everything, but since we have to pick one outfit mine would be: Forever 21 Twist Skirt (that has a GIANT BOW), satin tee, thigh-high socks, oxfords, and finally your lovely necklace add a bit of edge into my look.

Runway look: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-BVENETA?event=show1982&designer=design_house154&trend=&iphoto=31

Freaking adore Bottega Veneta's Spring 2010. LOVE, ADMIRATION I TELL YOU.

E-mail: jessicaywang@gmail.com

Celia said...

i'd wear it with an oversize softtt gray converse men's tee tucked in/draped over a navy and green small print floral skirt with distressed white canvas loafers and a strand of pearls, and a huge black ring. my favorite runway look is louise goldin, she's not very mainstream but this season is amazingngg and very inspiring.

Celia said...

also. email address--celiag827@gmail.com
favorite look would have to be http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-LGOLDIN?event=show1982&designer=design_house1454&trend=&iphoto=2

博子 川久 said...

1. already following & love it!

2. i'd wear my aa low scoop back dress which is black with thigh highs and my vivienne westwood pink shoes.

favourite runway look;

if it's ok i'd rather send you a message (if that's even possible?) with my email or you leave yours?

excited for this give away :D
thanks for the comment on my blog ^.^

Tiffany said...

Ah, how exciting! :D That necklace is absolutely beautiful, btw.

I would wear it with an oversized grey jumper, dotted tights, black booties, and a gold bow ring to top it all off.


Runway look: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2009CTR-VALENTIN?loop=0&event=show1962&designer=design_house67&iphoto=35&play=false&cnt=39

Anonymous said...

1. Already following :)
2. I would keep it simple and wear this AMAZING NECKLACE (!!) with a black knit top and a black skirt to make the necklace really come out.
3. Favorite look at the moment =
From Alexander Wang Resort 2010 (I wish it was summer !!!)
4. My emailadress is roomkaasblokje@hotmail.com

Love this contest, thank you for commenting <33

Johanna Nyberg said...

thanks for your comment, you look amazing!

Vinda Sonata said...

hi jessica, i found this giveaway from lookbook. i'm even a fan of yours there ;)

i'd wear the necklace with a loose black tank top topped with a cropped biker jacket, a high-waist leather skirt and combat boots to wrap the overall look.

my email is vinda.sonata@yahoo.com and i'm currently adoring the balenciaga ss2010 rtw collection : http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2010RTW-BALENCIA

i'm already a follower too :)

Emilie said...

Hey Jessica.
Lovely loveliy necklace. I would probably wear it with a black tank, skinny jeans & raw ankelboots, or for party use a black pencil dress and some badass stiletoes.
My currently favorite runway look must be a look from Lavins ss 10 rtw collection, which is also a good example of Scandinavian fashion, -where i come from. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-LANVIN?event=show1982&designer=design_house54&trend=&iphoto=16


cut.the.crap said...
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Style Bird said...

The necklace is beautiful, it looks store bought.
I would wear it with most anything.
Runway look http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-VWESTWOOD/?loop=0&iphoto=33&play=false&cnt=39

xo ava

Julio Cesar said...

1. Following!

2. I would wear this necklace with my mohair poncho with gold zipper detailing, my Vivienne Westwood brooch and my black patent leather studded shoes.

3. My e-mail is: luxlagerfeld@gmail.com. As for a current runway look that I adore, Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection blew me away. Those shoes!!!! The dresses were so intricate and had amazing detaling. http://www.elle.com/Runway/Ready-to-Wear/Spring-2010-RTW/ALEXANDER-MCQUEEN/ALEXANDER-MCQUEEN

Anonymous said...

I would wear your pulchritudinous necklace with my simple white tweed dress that has embroidered, creme-colored, floral embellishments along the waistline, a black motorcycle jacket with cap sleeves and ruffles along the collar and sleeves to give it a more feminine approach, black heels with ornate zippers to add cohesiveness to the outfit with your necklace; I would also wear several, simple pearl bracelets to add a more feminine approach but still make your necklace the main focal point; overall I think this outfit would have an edgy approach with the black zipper heels, your necklace, and motorcycle jacket, yet have a nice contrast with the white tweed dress (with the floral embroidering, the embroidering is very subtle and subdued but still adds a little bit more to the outfit) and ruffles along the leather jacket, and pearls to lay as a nice backdrop to your edgier, VERY attractive necklace, and, most importantly, I would wear this look with confidence, because confidence, to any outfit, is key.


If you go to the link above and click see entire slideshow, skip to look 31 and that's my favorite. I love how Williamson was able to create a structural frock with broad shoulders (created w/ sequins) yet softened it and made it more feminine with the vibrant colors and playful sequins. Surely something I wish I had, someday, someday...

-Nathalie Helen<3

PS: sorry if my entry's a little too long, I like to write with passion and dignity, and nothing less.

Anonymous said...

oops, almost forgot, personal email: nathaliehelen123@yahoo.com

i also followed your blog, so i believe i fulfilled all the requirements of your sweepstakes :D

-Nathalie Helen<3

Lashes said...

did you make that? it is sososoosososos coool.
Well i just wanted to stop by and say that i really love your blog and that all of your posts are so creative and beautiful and it's a joy to look at them and read them :)

annelise. said...

amazing necklace!

I would wear it with a simple black silk pocket tank worn under a gold sequin skirt with christian louboutin leopard booties.

my favorite runway look is from Fendi's spring 2010 collection. link: http://media.onsugar.com/files/ons1/191/1913634/39_2009/58499309.jpg

personal email: iluvepink22@aim.com

or any follow up comments go to my blog's personal email. follow me! http://inordertobeirreplaceable.blogspot.com

ARANXA. said...

:) love it.
2. I would wear the necklace with a black and white AA dress
3.currently obessed with:

harrish said...

1.But of course i'm already following missy :)

2.I would want to bring the focus to the necklace, so wear it with a high waisted black bandeau skirt so the line hits just where the necklace finishes, then wear a light shoulder padded floaty blouse, with my spotted black tights and black platform ankle boots so you have that tailored fit with the loose blouse and edgy necklace and ankle boots...a combination ;)

3. I would say Burberry Possum but i'm sure that would of been said because that is BEAUTIFUL but i as well am in love with Derek Lam's Spring 2010 collection..
The collection has a theme throughout of what seems the waist and legs. The majority of the pieces clinch in at the waist or have detail around it which automatically draws your eyes to it. I love to flaunt the legs and waist because i think it defines a woman and his ability to do so with a 40's theme is amazingly beautiful.


Thank you

Anonymous said...

1. how can anyone not follow this blog?? i know i do. :)

2. so i would wear my steve madden black leather boots with my Japanese jean leggings and with a simple t-shirt.. but then maybe once i expand my wardrobe. i'd wear it with distressed jeans, my steve madden boots and a black blazer with a white v-neck shirt under it..

3. so my runway look is rodarte as i told earlier.. but i'm gonna have to send u the picture of it.. i love it!! it's kinda peacock-y.. hahah of course it would be right??

love you jessica! <333

-nico <3

ps.. you already have my email. :)

Luczis said...

Amazing necklace!! i would love to win it!!

I woul wear it with black tights, high wasted black skirt, white tank top and maybe my studded vest!!

my fav runway look is this http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/2008PF/CHLOE/01m.jpg


hannah said...

looove love love the necklace. i would wear it with a black velvet mini dress!
hannahdschulman [at] gmail

Anonymous said...

Oh I missed it! following anyway =)

Atif said...

Lovely picture and i really like the necklaces looking too much lovely.

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