Amazing and Cool


Alex and Chloe
i love these soo much. they're all clean cut and sharp and just plain AMAZING.
the charm ones are really cool too :]

&&& sorry for the lack of posts--my belovedly ghetto camera has no batteries and i can't find them anywhere,,, so i have to wait until i find some new ones :( bleh.
hope you liked the jewelry as much as i did!



mila said...

I agreee, very clean cut and EPIC. I wanttt/ NEED. so pretty and elegant and clean cut!

follow? please?:)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Chloe T said...

Wowowowow, I want them all! Seriously, all of them are sooo lovely. Gah, I NEED THEM!

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's! Hope the day brought you lots of nice red packets, haha (if they do that over in the US!) :D
Chloe XXX

Chloe T said...

Haha, oh yeah, I completely forgot that it's only just started the 14th, it's nearly 2 am on the 15th over here.
Have a great day, red packets are what makes Chinese New Year worthwhile! :)
Chloe XXX