(nine west)

outfit: simple and sschweet----- old navy black tank dress with pocket, black tank top, black tights, black wedges (not pictured.) and black diy studded headband.
MAN i felt like i was attending a funeral today!! but i just LOVE... LOVE. black.

the diy was super easy and it looks amazing: i just attached 3 studs to the VERY side of the headband. i was thinking of conventional headbands that usually have decorative touches on the diagonal or something, so i put them on the very right/left.. depending on how i wear it. but i love it :D

THOSE SHOES!!! i want them so much. thanks H&M, for crushing my dreams and not having an online store for us people in America :( i had to go on the Austrian website to look at stuff.
i love the hue of the nine westies.. it's so pale and gorgeous. almost like a really light nude-ish color/ beige.
BOO. $unreasonable price$


Hayley said...

Love the nine west shoes
xx, H

Chanelle said...

diggin the nine west d. martans and diggin your ear popping out of your hair :)


adore those boots so muchhh,


paoletta_92 said...

love the headband ;)

Camilla said...

I wore all black to school the other day, I guess we all have those black days :)


harrish said...

Awhh love them boots ..theres a store over here that has literally sold a pair to every other girl ..its called
i think they ship abroad ..jsut saying ;)
Beautiful picture as always !!!


le pearl said...

Loved this post it made me laugh. I agree with the unreasonable prices too. I think i literally moan and groan when i see the price tags of items in Nine West. I love wearing black too. It just works ;D

Katya said...

beautiful photos

CCWai said...

I think your headband is a really nice idea. Perhaps you can make more and sell them to get your boots.

Kiyo said...

Love all your studded DIYs :) I agree with you on black, I feel like I spent the whole winter in black but I can't help it!

Angela said...

love this headband and 2nd boots!

Aimee said...

love the diy headband, its genius!! im following your blog :D


Panda said...

Crisp, lovely outfit as per usual,
love the dress...
Panda x

giuliyana said...

love the first picture! and the headband isn't really my style, but i really like it, and i think i might even wear it, hehe.


Afrodite said...

Most beautiful headband I've ever seen! And I have been looking for boots like those from nine west! Thanks for sharing :)

xoxo Afrodite


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ooo I am so lusting after those brown H&M boots!

Style Bird said...

I love your headband..love the boots..beautiful pics of you. xo ava