Please Don't Fight These Hands That Are Holding You

jil sander platforms

no outfit sorries :(( mis cameras is being utterly jacked up if that makes sense.
but before i forget, I LOVE YOU ALL, readers!!
i need to have another giveaway :D (are you pscyhed?)
maybe that will be some wonderful compensation for my awful blogging lately.
thanks for staying true!

*** best thing that's probably ever happened to me ... shoewise ***
(ok, forget the time i found those oxfords in my garage after looking for a pair for so long..)
1.) THOSE CREAMY BEAUTIES!! i love the style, i love the shape. it's just what i was looking for basically!
my garage/mom's closet/any closet in my house are quite the black holes, but they're fashionable black holes!
i've found so many items all over my house.. even tools to help me DIY.. if i listed all of them.. you probably wouldn't even bother reading it ahah!
i found them while i was looking for a certain pair of shoes.
the buckle is the best part! i love how it's square shaped but round on the inside, great touch.

2.) i just built (ok.. it's like IKEA status.. if you know what i mean.. you don't really "build" it.. you put it together with the pre-drilled holes and all) BUT i was massively surprised at how patient i was to carry on with it >__<
it's a great storage box, but i thought.. "what in the world would i put in it?"
--i had temporarily stored my totoros and hello kitties and domokuns in that underbed storage. not the best idea.
BING. just like the search engine: i could put my immense collection of magazines (i already had a shelf full of them.. needed a place for the extra WWD'S and huge Riviera's.)
so i categorized and that ^ is what i call "Collage Central." You get the name. i'm a fan of making collages.
*hint hint part of future giveaway i did not say anything*

3.) LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE CHESHIRE CAT. it's the most adorabley-cutesy-fluffy-cuddly version of the cheshire cat i've ever seen. i want a plushie of it. please?
btw--Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland was utterly AMAZING. breathtaking and sooo magical.

4.) I've been lusting for wedges/platforms lately. seriously. these jil sander's would probably end the lust.
buy me a pair. please?

lastly : CAHSEE this week. hooorayyyyy.




theyre so classy, adore the colour too,


Mouthwash said...

love those shoes!


C.Chico said...

those cream shoes are pretty awesome. i'd wear em with every outfit!

Vinda Sonata said...

cute shoes Jessica. love the jil sander platforms and the cat too! way too cute!!

Martwa Marta said...

the creamy shoes are marvellous! besides, i'm a fan of alice from wonderland's cat :D

Catherine said...

You found a pair of oxfords in your garage!?!! What is this nonsense? Haha, anyway, nice kicks.

Bella said...

give me those shoes, please? :) x

Courtney O. said...

those shoes<3