I Will Never Let You Go, If You Promise Not to Fade Away

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what i wore today and yesterday:
1) blue striped shirt with denim collar: mom, gray bandage skirt: crush, black tights, and not pictured: dolce vita wedges.
2) burgundy scarf: H&M, striped shirt: mom, leggings, and not pictured: black f21 oxfords
[sorry my shoes are never in pictures! not allowed to wear them in the house]

so there's a story behind the blue shirt i was wearing today.
Chelsea King was a high school girl on cross country in the San Diego county area. One day she was running  alone, when she was raped and murdered. our school and many other schools across socal had a memorial service for her, and we were encouraged to wear light blue (the color of her eyes). it was an extremely sad and truly eye-opening event that reminded us of making safety a priority.
Please pray for her family.

WELL, not to leave you on a sad note: SWEDISH FISH!!!!
the best thing ever. i forgot to blog about it yesterday.. so here they are.



Catherine said...

That is a very sad story.. but very nice (and adorable) shirt.

Jess ♡ said...

That's such a sad story... :( It's always great when people do things in remembrance of an event. I love love love your photos as always! What you can do is take photos of the shoes you're wearing that day if you're not allowed to wear shoes inside the house (like me) <3 xo

Vinda Sonata said...

that's a very sad story.
but your outfits are nice nonetheless. keep rocking!!

fashion atelier.

michelle_ said...

i saw you on teenvogue !!

congrats love :D
these outfits are very pretty indeed !
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Camilla said...

Sad story, but I like the shirt x


Katya said...

nice quess shirt

giuliyana said...

i'm originally from san diego, and it freaks me put that something like this could happen in my hometown. i feel so sad for her family and friends. that's a really nice thing that your school did though.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Love the striped guess top! Light blue is one of my fave colors right now