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yay! finally a new post.
sorry about my slow-ness.. i took these pictures today.. but my computer had noooo LAN for quite a while (like 6 hours) so i was forced to wait.

wearing a RVCA ribbed tank, F21 bandage skirt, sheer tights, Dolce Vita lace-up wedges, metal cross necklace, and UO moto-vest.

i love this outfit especially because of the neutral colors. just simple black and hunter green. for some peculiar reason this ensemble really reminds me of Alexander Wang. whom i love dearly.

-the Sock Theory contest has closed! the winner will be announced soon!-



Dylana Suarez said...

You always look amazing! Love your shoes so much!


Marinka said...

I love you tee and your boots

rachel. said...

this outfit is brilliant in it's simplicity. not to mention, those shoes are ace! :)

Melissa said...

Those shoes are so messy and amazing.
Can't believe you scored them for $10 at one of UO's large sales.

Lea said...

love your shoes!!

libys11 said...

you look amazing!!! :D

Camilla said...

The shoess :O
love them.


Vinda Sonata said...

you look fierce, jess! love the moto vest and your shoes are darlings.!! love your outfit shots!!

Pixie Dust said...

Super-cute blog <3
If you have the tine, be sure to check mine out too - I also have a makeup and accessories giveaway going on, so have a look at that too ;)))

Have a great day

Chloe said...

I completely agree, this outfit is so reminiscent of Alexander Wang and his simple, yet completely innovative and stylish designs! The last thing to complete this outfit would be a messy side braid! But I really like these photos with your lovely, long flowing hair, love it!

Glad to see a new post, I've been missing my regular fix of your blog! :)

Chloe X

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit - I love your tank and wedges, and the colors! Beautiful hair. ^^

Emma Jade said...

those wedges are STUNNING!

Jessy said...

Cute outfit!


crazypig said...

Cool photos! I love the outfit, especially your shoes ♥

Katya said...

pretty outfit

giuliyana said...

i agree, the green is gorgeous!


Victoire said...

This whole outfit is so perfect; everything works! You work it well :) love the tank top


Tati said...

you look stunning! love the shoes! and your top / skirt.
very cute