How quickly the glamour fades

hehe i cut off my head in the picture above because.. frankly i  looked like the grudge.. but i liked the lighting that hit the blouse so thats why i put it up :]

anyways.. what i wore today was BARNEY'S NEW YORK inspired (their latest ad campaign thingie)
all i need is those LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY nude lace up boots. pity me. if i had those i would be rocking the whole outfit.

i liked the idea of the harsh military color jacket with a loose blouse.. so i tried it out
i wore a Lost Girls jacket, white blouse from my mom, black f21 skirt, belt from my dad, and black tights

i really really really loved this look. enough to copy it. hehe



eva-christa said...

Love the inspiration good look !
and ur hair warw ^^
'ECH from pAris
La Bise

Tayler said...

oh i love when bloggers show their outfit inspiration in the same post! love that blouse too, i need one like that!!


Dylana Suarez said...

It is a gorgeous look. Love your version so much!


libys11 said...

great reinvention of that ad/image! :D that blouse looks so rich and exquisite on you! :D

Animated Confessions

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful! ^^

rachel. said...

LOVE this outfit! army jacket + flowy anything is a great combo. :)

Makena O. said...

ahh i love your outfitt!! and you matched the picture so well!!

MsGiggleswurth said...

I love this look you put together and it really does look like your inspiration style. Cute!

Camilla said...

i love it! it looks almost better than the original! x


the moonchild//rena. said...

nice look, those shoes are delish (:

you may have heard of my old blog, innocentbirdy.blogspot.com

well, that was deleted in a freak accident, so come visit me @ http://themoonchildco.blogspot.com (:

xx rena.

Marinka said...

you look so stylish and chic! I love your blouse

Ina Seb said...

you look amazeballs! your blog is super cool, i think ill go follow you now. :D

<3 from Ina

hope you could drop by my crummy blog sometime :))


Anonymous said...

cute blog!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Beautiful look! I love your blouse!