It's a hollow play but they'll clap anyway

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i had no homework today. so i decided to try out the black maxi skirt.
kind of goth looking if you ask me, but i like it.
butttt it's not something i would wear out. i just like the look, it makes me look taller too :3

i wore a black maxi skirt from my mom, AA low back halter leotard, F21 black bandeau, dolce vita lace up wedges, DIY hand chain, and crossroads trading co. silver ring.

i had fun with this outfit. it seriously made me look taller,, i think.



libys11 said...

you look amazing in this black number.. very regal and such a vision!! :D

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Amy T said...

i think you should wear it out because the look is just wonderful.

im planning on either getting a maxi skirt or a dress, simple and black. i love the back of the top. too cool.

i love the comment on "frankly i looked like the grudge" i get that many times!

Meggstatus said...

These are absolutely stunning, everything is absolutely perfect. I love this look, it may be a little gothic but really, who cares? You are rocking it.

Whispering Swallow said...

you look fantastic! Not gothic at all, you pull it off so well. Gorgeous!

xoxo Kayla

Tayler said...

totally agree! i don't get what people say about maxi dresses making them look shorter.. i think anyone cam pull them off.. and the are SO comfy :) love this look!


Meggstatus said...

Close... I live in Park Newport. Same color scheme though, good guess!

vdcouture said...


Chiara said...

It seems a maxi dress, love it!



Camilla said...

maxi's always make you look taller! I like it x


Panda said...

This is incredible. YOU HAVE TO WEAR IT MORE OFTEN.
Panda xx

Emma Jade said...

I love it! you look like a model and with those shoes its fantastic! You should definitely wear it out.. its a little gothic but i like it!

harrish said...

You look bloody beautiful !!
I love the combination doll

Calliforniaction. said...

I did 'wow' when I saw how you look. You are amazing;)

Chloe said...

It's a little gothic, but I think you look wonderful here, Jessica! It really does make you look a lot taller, I love it! Also, really like the balance between showing a lot of your back, but then the long maxi skirt: perfect balance!

Definitely wear it!
Chloe xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi! I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and now I'm totally hooked. (BTW, the leotard/bandeau combo is amazing.) I'm adding your blog to my blogroll!

xoxo Hannah

closet obsessions said...

a. you look like 7 ft tall, jealous.
b. your hair is KILLING it in this photo.
c. i'll trade a painting for a DIY <3



le pearl said...

You have some serious style girl. You are so lucky to be so skinny and gorgeous <3

Marinka said...

I love this look , you look so tall, and dark and mysterious! Its perfect

rachel. said...

you should definitely wear this out; you look stunning! :) & yes, you look quite tall & regal. it's wonderful!

RACHEL said...

you look SO GOOD IN BLACK.
and the long hair flowing, it works really well for you !

i think maxi skirts are really hard to wear out ... especially if you're walking, haha.


Jessy said...

it's not goth, it's gorgeous! :D


Gonzalo said...

cool dress! wou



Martwa Marta said...

perfect look! i adore your diy hand chains!

Romy said...

Oh I love this look on you! This just looks perfect(you should totally wear this out) :)

Victoria said...

work it gurl!!
u look amazing as usual <3