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hello! i am so indecisive that i have not yet entered the contest!

i thought that this outfit was also equally as good,,,
so,(sorry!) but IF you think i shoult enter this instead of my other outfit seen HERE, then please tell me the number of which one i should enter in :]]]

Blazer (worn as a dress): my mom's [DKNY petite]
Sheer tights: my mom
Knee High Socks: F21
Black Wedges: F21
Vintage Mini Doctor Bag: my mom
*NEW* necklace that i made (it is now listed on my etsy for purchase :D )

you can purchase it at my etsy shop
click HERE

lastly: *30% of your purchase will be donated to World Vision, a christian humanitarian organization dedicated to providing third world countries with basic necessities such as clean water, food, and clothing.*
do good.



Kelly said...

#1 or #7, both these outfits are lovely. So I can see why your indecisive. And that's a really cool necklace!

<3 Kelly

Meggstatus said...

Your mom has amazing taste, this blazer is absolutely perfect!!!


Victoria said...

i love love love this outfit to death!
um i like it just as much as the other one...maybe more but im not sure. The other one is more simple but amazing and this one is just amazing! I don't know!

Anywhooo great necklace! and good job on bein all worldly!

libys11 said...

love your blazer!! :D

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Dylana Suarez said...

The blazer is perfection and so is that gorgeous necklace!


minnja said...

You look beautiful:)

vdcouture said...

you are stunning!! this look are super cool, and that mini doctor bag are superb!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Panda said...

1 or 7! And jeeez! You always dress so well, well done mom for the blazer, its great! Panda xx

Kat not Jas said...

awesome look! and i LOVE that necklace!!!

Marinka said...

I love how you tied that blazer its really nice

Carmen said...

The blazer is perfect, such a gorgeous necklace too!


Camilla said...



Camilla said...



Anonymous said...

my favorites are 1, 5 & 7... but i think my absolute favorite is 7! :) i think i like this outfit better... b/c your DIY necklace is AMAZING!

-nico <3

ps. we need to go shopping, go to DJ, make DIYs, have our European culinary experience, watch The September Issue... let's just say we need to hang out more before summer ends. hehe

Amy said...

Amazing oufit, #7 is my favourite picture :) Cute bag! x

Fashion teapot ♥

emily viveur said...

i'm loving 1 and 7! amazing outfit, from the belted blazer to the necklace to the bag.

Follow me but shut up said...

love it!!!

Viki said...

your blazer is amazing!
i love your blog and your lookbook!can you send a lookbook invitation?
i'm following you :)


Cassidy said...

i like this one more !
ahh just everything about it is perfect .

Alan Li said...

I love this blazer. If I had it, I'd probably wear it almost everyday. And I like the way you styled it with the belt:)

Tamara said...

The necklace is amazing, what an artist!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Awesome look!

John Bernal said...

You look great. The no pants (illusion or not) thing works really well.


you look like those models off fashion week miss! adore this outfit so much:)
thanks for stopping by.


Flowerbomb said...

I totally ador this outfit!^^

Violetta E. said...

love it

Kirtland said...

Hey Jessica! yeah i'm on my blog account out of boredom, and an idea popped in my head! and i was wondering if you ever considered making one of your snazzy DIY's with buttons? yeah, random, but just a thought :P feel free to use/ditch it ;D
love ya lots <3