Crystal Light

super short and quick pre-post (i'm planning to do an outfit tomorrow :D)

i completely cleaned up my shelf today, and i must say i'm pretty proud. i organized and threw away many things... put lots of necklaces in my sister's dress up box.. and dusted. i love my jewelry/accessories shelf! because i usually let my clothing do the work, i rarely wear jewelry. HOWEVER, i own a lot of jewelry (kind of paradoxical you might say) so i decided to make it at least look presentable for the sake of my eyes.

after i finished cleaning up, i played around with some silver wires and crystals that i had leftover.
i came up with the idea above, and have decided to replace that necklace with the one in my giveaway.
same crystal, different look--i believe the wire coils give it a more refined and finished look.

be sure to enter my giveaway for THIS necklace and a teeshirt customized by me by clicking HERE!



Jesa said...

Ah-can I steal ALL of Jewelry please :)

lovely blog!
cheers, Jesa

Jess ♡ said...

I want to steal that shelf. Actually. That necklace looks amazing! If you don't mind me asking, where'd you get that stone/crystal?

Dylana Suarez said...

That is one amazing shelf!


libys11 said...

wow your accessories are so wicked!

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Panda said...

These are such gorgeous necklaces etc etc! I don't really wear jewerelly, but I love wearing necklaces. Gorgeous feathers too :) I've entered your amazing competition! :) Panda xx

crazy pig said...

I love your jewelry shelf, so well-organised!
I love all these necklaces, rings... and your stud glasses! ♥


LOVE. the layout of all your jewelry looks awesome too:)


Loralexiloe said...

Thank you sweetheart! I love you, your blog is so pretty and i'm happy for your succses. I mention you in my new post :)

xoxo, Lara.

Amy T said...

same here! i dont wear jewlerry or hardly wear it. i agree i let the clothes do it all. but those crystal necklaces are too cool, its simple and hasnt got alot going on and i love that.


love it. ur photos are all fantastic!! come follow mexxo

Makena O. said...

ahh I love all of your jewelry! it is to die for!