FINALLY, here come ss11 reviews! haha!

so i haven't been very up to date on the recent collections due to schoolwork. but one of the reasons i avoided style.com (not likely of me!) was because i was sorely disappointed in what was already up.
but i checked again today, and i'm SO ECSTATIC.
these may be old (they're new to me, okay!?) and you may have already seen these yourself on style.com or other blogs.
but i'm just going to put some favorites up:
Jeremy Laing
simple, just simple. there is only one word for it.
i loved the block colors and the drapery and just EVERYTHING.

Chris Benz
very hip and chic clothing from this collection, everything was different but each had a voice of its own

i don't know how to describe halston's aesthetic.. you can tell that a look is Halston just by looking at it.. fall 2009(i think?) was similar..yet so different.
i just love halston.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria

beautiful silhouettes here! i love the structured dresses, the color theme, and the cutouts

House of Holland
very whimsical and fun collection, pom poms and fringe were everywhere!

yes, i needed four pictures as opposed to two. georgina chapman is A TRULY GIFTED designer. everything in this collection WOWED me. the swathing of the fabric, how it settles on the human figure, the silhouettes, the details-EVERYTHING. 

Rad Hourani
this defined minimalism! i love how he described as a "unisex" collection because indeed it was.
great textures and black and white (my favorite) in these pieces.

Theysken's Theory
epitome of comfort and style. everything looked so casual, but so effortlessly chic. oliver theyskens never disappoints.


sorry for such a long boring post and jacked alignment.. i don't know what's wrong with my images



simplyhope said...

House of Holland all the way! Great post:)

libys11 said...

im loving marchesa and chris benz! wowza!!! :D

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Isabelle said...

jeremy laing and marchesa==ALL THE WAY.xx

Camilla said...

You just reminded me how I should really get started on my SS reviews :s


Hanna said...

Great post! I love all the outfits! Wish it was spring/summer already!:(


vdcouture said...

awesome i love em all <3


Andreia said...

I love the Max Azria blue dress!!!


Makena O. said...

all of these are so beautiful Jessica!

Panda said...

jeremy laing is a genius. I love all of his designs! I was checking him out recently as well. I'm so sorry for the really late reply, I just managed to do a new post after a crazy weekend. Thanks for the comment, your so sweet! Panda xo

BASIIK said...

Oh my gosh I loved all of your picks. So good. Theysken's Theory; so chic. Gorgeous!


Grace said...

That first Laing is killing it!

Love Grace.


Rad by Rad Hourani looks very promising :)

Charlotte Farrell said...

Marchesa line=genius

Jose Camacho said...

Great post once again!
I worked backstage at Rad Hourani and Jeremy Laing- and I loved the whole collection.
I interned for Halston for about a year just organizing stuff and showroom but I miss them SOOO MUCH. :(

I also got a chance to go to Marchesa SS 2011- I have pictures from it so check out my blog and let me know what you think! :)

Jose C.