hearts burst open wounds bleed fresh

after a 4 hour SAT/ACT, it was natural that my friend nicolette and I would want to treat ourselves--to Sprinkles cupcakes!
a collage i made for my high school small group girl's room! :)
ARIZONA, enough said.
a bag from my mom.. i found it perfect for the minimalism that was coming for fall 2010. love the structure.

sorry for the lack of posting, for, basically, a week! agh! i need to get my act together.

thanks for reading! and YAY, we've reached 400 followers!!! <3
love you ALL dearly.

and the HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 giveaway is still open (US+CANADA) ---first thing on my sidebar! 



ching said...

congrats on reaching 4oo!
and what a lovely treat.

libys11 said...

aaahhhhh!!!! i miss eating cupcakes!!! :D

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Hanna said...

I love this post! The cupcakes look so jummy and I love your collage!


Hiroko said...

Awesome cupcakes & collage! The bag is as you said, perfect for the coming minimalism!

vdcouture said...

drooling over that cake <3


simplyhope said...

Holy Cow! those cupcakes look delish! I heard Sprinkles was really goog! the bag is so perfect and you can wear it with anything!

Chelsey said...

ah, those are so cute! ^^ bbyong~!


{ I V Y } said...

best way to treat yourself after a shittttttttttttty test huh?

Makena O. said...

yummmmm sprinkles has the best cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

so jealous you live near a sprinkles!! congrats on 400 followers!


A La Mode et Plus! said...

I just got a vintage bag like that from my mom, too! Mine is pink though but the structure is exactly the same.