Why do all good things come to an end?

Studded Shoulder Sweatshirt: DIY
Sheer tights: my mom
Knee high socks (rolled down): target
Black lace up wedges: F21

yes.. finally i have pursued my idea of studding a simple sweatshirt (makes perfect for casual outerwear!) i think it's alexander wang spring RTW 09-y. i love it... so comfy! it's completely dressed down but has some refinery with the metal cone studs :) super easy and chic DIY!

ahhh school is starting soon.. i'm not stoked whatsoever---i even have to go to gov't class BEFORE school starts. ooh the joys of junior year. it's going to be hard balancing between school work, THIS BLOG(!), piano classes, dance classes, teaching pre-k kids every 2 fridays, and watching younger siblings at home. great.

anyways, thanks for reading... be sure to VOTE FOR ME ON TEEN VOGUE! (you can vote every 24 hours) because once you do, you are eligible for my GIVEAWAY! :) 



libys11 said...

amazing stud details!! :D

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Amy T said...

omg that sweater... i want i want!!

ooo sounds like you got alot of work in the future balancing all that. i wish i had alot more going on! ahahha

simplyhope said...

You are SO Fierce! I love your eye makeup and this whole look!

Anonymous said...

love your sweater ! & yeah ugggh school and such is starting soon, I can't believe it ! good luck !


Teresa said...

Love your studded sweatshirt and how it doubles as a dress! Great look!


Makena O. said...

Love this sweater J WU!!!

Victoria said...

great sweater!!! soooooo cute!!! love the tights and socks together
(werent u hot!?!)

and by the way... you looked so cute today!!!

lowra said...

Thanks for the comment! Love the sweater!

JadeRose said...

So loving the DIY sweatshirt. Looks amazing :)

bloo. said...



Martwa Marta said...

deeply in love with this outfit! i just adore zour diz project, and boots too!

ching said...

the studded details are so cool.
i'm now your new follower. :)


Camilla said...

I really love your shoes, and that jumper, and that eye makeup.


mikala said...

amazing sweater, I love it! You look gorgeous!

greetings from

mikala said...

amazing sweater, I love it! You look gorgeous!

greetings from

Hanna said...

thank you for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it!

love this outfit it's so gorgeous and your style is also great!
oh and I also love the music on your blog!
Started following you, follow me back if you like!


Rachele said...

love the diy stud sweatshirt! so cute! great mix with the tights and wedges too! :D ps. love your music!


Panda said...

THIS IS AMAZING. I ACTUALLY WORSHIP YOUR STYLE. I have to try this, such an amazing idea. I love the massive sweater, is so lovely. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'm posting again, panda xo

rebecca said...

i love how you've added the studs! it looks great (:


BRIE ET CHAR said...

thanks a lot! wow, i like this blog!

W. said...

the sweater is great darling! and it fits you so good .just love it! check my profile ,i think u will enjoy it and maybe follow it if u want.kisses


Anonymous said...

really cool sweatshirt and great wedges! and i second, school sucks.


@$%#;__! said...

i really like all the outfit! :)

cathy. said...

Love the studded sweatshirt! How did you do that?! :O


Instant Flowers said...

registered, commented and voted for you! ;) x
that sweater is so cool.. and it looks so comfy!

Teresa said...

Yap, that's right, school is starting and I'm already missing summer holidays!


costra y ampolla said...


you've got an amazing style!!!


Alan Li said...

I love the sweater! The studs are beautiful and the fit is wonderful! Only if you lived closer... I would raid your closet very often haha.

Roya said...

This sweater DIY is genius, love it.