Dragged my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

kind of feel mirte maas-ish in this last picture (maybe it's just me....)

Sweater shirt: hallway closet
High waisted denim cutoffs: DIY, random taiwanese brand
Sheer tights: mom
Metal cross necklace: mom
Silver armor ring: ebay

this isn't exactly what i wore today, considering the weather was much too cold and it was pouring incessantly for most of the day. (i wore the shirt--under two layers) so i thought this dress up was ok to post up.

sorry for such horrible posting, school and the weather have stopped me from dressing decently (i'm piling up trench coats and boots... awful because that's all i have for 'cold weather gear') and taking pictures outside.

anyways, i just want to thank all my followers and readers for being ultra supportive and loving.



The Runaway Dress said...

You are too gorgeous, did you know that? I really like the material of the shirt, it's different and it looks amazing.

Doni Brown said...

It's ok your still fantastic! Love the pics!

Check out my blog!

Doni Brown said...

It's ok your still fantastic! Love the pics!

Check out my blog!

simplyhope said...

Are you a model??? Well if not you should be! I can see you as an AA model! You look SUPER CHIC!

Maddy said...

this is absolutely amazing, you're stunning! ♥

Grace said...

Killer outfit. Love the half tucked shirt.

Love Grace.

Dylana Suarez said...

Your lips look amazing!! And love that blouse. It looks so comfy!


Hanna said...

Still look amazing! And I love your neclace so much!


kelsea said...

hahaha, agreed with the above, aa model it is!!
i love this in all its simplicity. the tee is perfectly slouchy.

and i can't stop staring at your header; it's just too darling!! <3

Marta said...

such a fierce look! absolutely gorgeous... <3

crazy pig said...

Stunning outfit! I love the top and the red lipstick fits you very well :)

mikala said...

you look stunning! I love your denim shorts! Gorgeous outfit!

greetings from

brunatreme said...

so cool!!
love the tights <33

Alan Li said...

I love these pictures Jessica! You look gorgeous!

Marinka said...

those pictures are so nice, I like your sweater

Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

Cute outfit!
Come check out our fashion blog:)



love it!!

Robyn said...

simple but SO stylish.

Lenne said...

You make me want to grow out my hair! :'( Great outfit ♥

em.me.ma said...

love the rip tights. !

libys11 said...

this is incredible!!! im loving the plum red lips with the whole outfit!!! so edgy and rocker chic!! :D

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