You're just a body, I can smell your skin

Striped crop shirt: mom
Black shag vest: ASOS
Bodycon skirt: F21
Black wedges: F21

i absolutely adoreee my new vest from ASOS! i took advantage of their free international shipping and bought this vest. i've been looking for a fur vest for a long time, but they were too pricey, so i think this shag serves as a great alternative. (however, i'm still looking for a faux fur/shag coat!)
the weather is down to a chill 68 F, i feel like fall/winter is finally kicking in! i'm so sorry about my lack of posts, the past few days has been rain and my camera was acting up ONCE AGAIN, but now it's fine.

before i end this post, i just want to dedicate it to
 NATHALIE NEUBERT, a friend of mine who likes awkward male model poses in fashion books. so i modeled after one we saw in a fashion reference/encyclopedia-esque book. pretty trendy if you ask me. it's really awkward because the male model had his hands in his pockets.. but my skirt obviously has no pockets... so you get THIS V
and this is a wonderful picture she drew for me in the library after school.
quote "it was a joke and i'm not a conceited bitch and in reality i actually am far less attractive than that" 
this is her:
OH NATHALIE. too much.



char said...

Cute shaggy vest! Love the pop of red.


Hanna said...

Lovely outfit! I really like your new ASOS vest!


Panda said...

Gorgeous outfit - that shag vest is awesome! But hahah, no pockets? So random! Panda xo

Marta said...

your vest is fabulous!

sara l said...

love that outfit! xx

Chelsey said...

Your F21 booties seem to be holding up well. Mine are completely dunzo. I should've bought two pair... ^^;


vdcouture said...

looking as chic as always <3 me lovey your vest!


Marinka said...

love your outfit

Amy T said...

oh god that vest i need it now. im gonna have a look on asos ;)

Viki said...

Very nice outfit, i love the shoes and the vest :)
Beautiful as always!


Camilla said...

Every time you wear those shoes, I love them more.


Emma Jade said...

I love the shoes and I love the way you pull off a ladder in your tights.

Alan Li said...

I don't know how many times I've said this on your blog... but I fricken love those shoes!!!

Jose Camacho said...

hand that black shag vest over, it's so cute! I love the styling here, you never fail to impress me :)

Jose C.


Makena O. said...

Bahahahha I love Nathalie!!! And that vest is adorable!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Love the jacket!

jadore said...

That shag vest is amazing, Love it!

simplyhope said...

Oh I have been looking at a vest similar to yours! Love this post too:D

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Ohhh i love this outfit!