White Hinterland

Navy Maxi: my mom
Cross//plus sign (lol): made myself
Black wedges: F21

AHHH i love this weather. absolutely LOVADORE IT. it's getting cold and windy--what fall is all about. and the leaves in my backyard trees, i can see them dropping one by one. nature becomes so ethereal and beautiful in the fall.

anyways, sorry for not posting.. i've been busyBLAH BALBLAHALSHDFKJASDFJ  yeah. that crap.

it's kind of weird that i suddenly adore all things past the knee. i used to dread wearing long knee length or past skirts.. but i LOVE them now. maxi all the way!

my birthday was FUN. thanks all my lovely readers for the sweet birthday wishes!
just got 6 bottles of nail polish for my birthday HAHA.
i'm excited to use all these :) half are fall colors, the others are whimsical for spring/wintry whites of winter. that's a mouthful.

i met my first blog fan on saturday!!! she runs this blog : HERE and it was just amazing getting to meet her. (coincidentally... she has the SAME EXACT NAME AS ME!?#^!#$%#$^)
also... an unidentified person yelled "i love your blog" out of the car window.. i couldn't see the face. but whoever that was, if you are reading this. thank you! haha :)

thanks for reading!!



Jessica Wu said...

JESSSSICAAAA! :D it was amazing to see you on Saturday! how awesomely coincidental! i'll send you over the pictures tonight :) heehee, thank you for the shout-out!

ching said...

looking lovely in black. so sleek and gothic. :)

The Runaway Dress said...

lol, your tummy must feel warm from all that fan love. I would yell out " I love your blog " but you won't be able to hear me because you are like 4000km away from me. Anyways, i love that dress. I'm actually surprised by what i find in my parent's closet. It's like a pot of gold to me :)


love the simplicity of this.


libys11 said...

aaahhh you look incredible!!! very a wang!! aaahhh!!! gorgeous!

Animated Confessions


Sweet! Love that maxi and the nail colours! Love!


Hanna said...

Love this outfit! The dress is totally perfect!


¶ Michelle said...

gorgeous nail colors and awesome maxi, I'd love to go through my mothers wardrobe right now.

Marta said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!

kelsea said...

really like this. and i wish my garage was that clean

vdcouture said...

great shots as always, and those nail polish colors are gorgeous <3


Blackswan said...

loving the dress!!! oh how cool is it when you meet another blogger!! the other week I just found out my neighbour across the road has a blog too and we were both like WH%@#W&DFSNBVS!!! hahaha

come drop by for a visit! i just posted a Studded Denim Vest D.I.Y.


x Your Only Blackswan

mikala said...

you look great! this necklace and dress are gorgeous! love it!

greetings from

Original Number said...

Your dress and shoes are amazing! You pull it off very well.
Love your blog. :)


Autilia Antonucci said...

this is really good ! x

Alan Li said...

REALLY nice! This is the best outfit of yours ever! I love the maxi dress and the lighting in these photos are so awesome

Jo said...

that dress looks so adorable on you! and i'm lovin that cross and your shoes <3

Luxi said...

you are so gorgeous, I love your style. It's so fun meeting blog people isn't it? I've made some lovely friends through mine it's beauty


KNOB HEAD ▲ said...

definitely that style it's for you,it makes you look so high xx .

Gènesis knobhead

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty.