So come home

blouse: my mom
trousers: foreign exchange, love these trousers, kinda look like these topshop ones!
wedges: forever21
bag: my mom

it's been WAY too long since i've posted! i'm so sorry for not getting back to anyone/not posting as often. sadly, this week is finals week so i won't be able to comment, but i might be able to post considering i get out of school really early. keep visiting, and thanks to all my new followers/readers :)



Raquel said...

I love this look, so simple and classy. Perfect!

mikala said...

perfect look! I love your pants and bag!

greetings from

Publish my Style said...

i like the look, quite smart but chic at the same time x


simplyhope said...

So fabulous! I love how classy and chic you are:) Adore those trousers!

Monroe Steele said...

great casual look. love the pants they are a great color too

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i understand, my sched's been pretty bad lately too. =/

anyway, classic look. i'd love to see a modernized version of this though but still maintaining the simplicity:) nevertheless, i like the neutral ensemble.


josephine said...

I love your mother's blouse and the neck piece where you attached a small scarf around you neck. It looks amazing, I think that neck piece really ties the whole outfit together.

Jessica said...

Very clean, i like it :)

Amy Jessica said...

when i saw those trousers i thought they were the topshop ones! they look very similar ;)
love the little bag, adorable
much love

kelsea said...



your looks are always so classy, love the wedges:)


Trie Diksi said...

i f-ing love the pants! the cut is gorgeous!

The Spoof.

Dylana Suarez said...

The pants are way lovely!



Natalie Suarez said...

adorable! i love ur trousers :)


Camilla. said...

those pants x


minnja said...

Beautiful *_*



vdcouture said...

love your pants <3


Miksu said...

So simple but stylish outfit! :)



That pants is so lovely!^^

Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

Woow! I love your pants!
Amazing outfit<3

Your blog is my favourite!

crazy pig said...

Amazing outfit, Jessica! I love the combination of beige and white... and these trousers are just spectacular <3

and I fully understand that you're so busy, but if you get some time and if you will be in the right mood, it would be great if you continued this blog "chain"- i linked you in this post, it consists in writing 7 things about yourself that your readers don't know yet :)

Have a good time! <3

Bluefemme said...

Those wedges are pretty cute!

valncami said...

aw you look so cute!
love your trousers and your adorable shoes! <3

xo, camilla & valerie

Jenifer said...

your shooooooes are so gorgeousl, and those pants fit you so well, great blog.

johanna said...

Love the blouse!

Liana said...

i love those pants! and that top is so vintage-y and really pretty :)
good luck on finals, dont worry about not commenting, we've all been there, i know i have during finals week!

Fashion Bag 411

Jeans Please! said...

really love Ur blog.

LA said...

Love this look, perfect pants!


Cassidy said...

You always look so classy.

Greer said...

you are gorgeous.x

Mo said...

super cute

love from los angeles,


Tori Walker said...

thank you for your nice comment! love ur blog, i will definitely follow.
gorgeous outfit. very classy :)

Spence. said...

Lovely outfit, those trousers really suit you.
I really like your style!

Chloe said...

Those trousers are gorgeous! Love the colour and the shape, wonderfully complimented by the shirt and shoes. Lovely outfit, as always! :-)

Chloe xxx

Isabelle said...

love the color of your pants.xx

thehautepursuit said...

stellar trousers. I love that color on you too! H&M were selling a pair like these in the spring last year and I feel they have a bell bottom in the same color this season!
p.s. those flats I wore in my latest post were something like 7 bucks at the thrift store near my apt!

NLR said...

Wauw girl, you have an amazing style! I love all your outfits, xx

Fashion Smiley said...

beautiful pictures, great blog:)

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guusvanvugt said...

I really enjoyed your blog, its a great inspiration blog!

Vanessa said...

love this look... so put together.

AgataP said...

you're fantastic girl!
I'm following your blog from now on!


Catherine said...

This look is gorgeous! Your trousers are so perfect... and your blouse! So good.


Sarah Munks said...

Bag + Trousers = lOvE

Fanny Nord said...

LOVE that!
You are always dressed so lovely..
xo, fanny.

emily said...

what can i say...pants, shoes, bag, perfect. simply love the color palette.