As if death itself was undone

fur: UO
sweater: mom's friend
tights: mom
cutoffs: random
wedges: F21
headband: Givenchy DIY

hayyyyy i know i haven't done an outfit post... this isn't even one... in a long time.
i was just so caught up in NYFW that i began dreaming of what i would wear... i think i'd like to do a take on something like this with a maxi skirt though..  i really like the elements that new yorkers/fashion show attendees tread the streets in... so unbelievable, esp. anna dello russo

anyways, hope you guys are doing fine, i'm slowly recovering from my recent bout of sickness. it's not great.

mmm btw!!! i got a feature on ATOMICA MAG, p. 71, and it is now available for purchase! yay! thank you kelsea kosko :]



Natalie Liao said...

Hey Jessica!
You look lovely here, I love the fur jacket!
And nice feature! :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie


what a cute DIY, & i love that fur coat:)


Natalie Suarez said...

i LOVE your headband! amazin :)


Dylana Suarez said...

AMAZING GIRL YOU ARE! Love the blogger spotlight! Gosh, how I would LOVE to photograph you one day!



Trie Diksi said...

fabulous, glamorous, chic.
i'm in awe!

The Spoof.


Gorgeous the fur jacket...lovely photos and post!

Chloe said...

Love this outfit, the silhouette of the thick fur and then the short shorts is just lovely!
Congratulations on the feature too! Loving the blog, as always :-)

Chloe xxx

Monroe Steele said...

that coat is awesome

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

crazy pig said...

Oh, congratulations for the feauture, that's great! I do love fascinationdrop, too :D

Perfect outfit anyways! Black everywhere, that's what I like. And the fur is just amazing with these shoes! <3

Amandabloggin said...

Thanks for the comment! Your style is amazing and so is your blog! And that headband is so cool! Im following your blog now, hope that you'll maybe follow back! :)

www.amandabloggin.blogspot.com x

Camilla. said...

That headband is actually awesome.


Elise McCreary said...

just came across your blog and it is fabulous! I love this outfit! that jacket is 'wow'
following now!

Rizzi said...

I love everything about this outfit. The headband, jacket, shoes, everything!!!
Love it.

mikala said...

gorgeous look! love your fur!

greetings from

Jenifer said...

headband ftw! is so amazing and that coat OH, looking good girl.

diana kang said...

obsessed with your headband! love this look and congrats on your feature thats so exciting!! xx

welcometodeutschland said...

holy crap you're fierce. im obsessed with this outfit


Jeans Please! said...

U have amazing blog!

Following! <3

DediLovesFashion said...

totally love your headband. =)great outfit.

Suyinsays said...

this actually gorgeous - you own it so well! and congrats on your feature!

thank you very much for stopping by and commenting on my blog too!


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh love the outfit!! :D and congrats on your feature in the magazine!! :D

Francesca said...

omg congrats on the feature that's so awesome!!

http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

behindblueeyes said...

u look amazing my dear!
I love ur shorts

Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

Wow! I really love this so much!

you have the best style!

Amazing coat<3

Tori Walker said...

Love this look! Those jean shorts are so cute:)
thanks for the comment!

johanna said...

LOVE the first photo! xxx

margaritats said...

amazing!!you look gorgeous!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Beautiful style! Congratulations on the mag feature! x
Tikkitiboo Vintages' Blog

minnja said...

looks stunning :))



heartstoppingly beautiful said...

luvvv yr hair

Francesca said...

i love the music you have on your page.. and this outfit is so stylish. youve got somethign about u!

brigduong said...

I think I fell in love with that fur jacket <3

Tassos P said...

Great look dear, very chic, feminine and playful at the same time :)

I Live For It said...

Ummm.... BEEN OBSESSED WITH THAT GIVENCHY HEADBAND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where on eartth did u find it?!?!?! Love the black fur. Whole look is spot on!

Hope ur well gorgeous!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Becky-May said...

You are rocking that headband! Love it!

The Flower Girl


Giuli said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit dear!! The headband is amazing!!


valncami said...

wow amazing! congrats!!!

xo, camilla & valerie