300th post and a "Sorry"

hey readers!
i just wanted to say  a huge SORRY for my absolutely lousy posting. even posting editorials takes me time bc i have to sort through fgr and such! well, hope you have been enjoying my inspiration posts. 
so now it's finally time for another outfit post, which i wore today :)

semi-sheer dress: INC int'l, my mom
capelet: detachable part of a trench coat, my mom
native american belt: dad
rings: L-R-- american eagle, forever 21, ebay
wedges: F21

1.) i'm sorry, but i had to get the pamela love knockoff via ebay. i cannot pay like $500+ on a student's budget... so if i offended anyone who only gets the real thing, sorry ^__^ i really love the hinge though, it's so cool bc i can wear it two ways!

2.) just take a look at my face in the last picture. i crack up everysingle time because it looks like i'm either:
a.) simply pissed at someone//shrugging away into the corner
b.) imitating a celebrity who has too much paparazzi following her
c.) an annoyed fashion show attendee trying to avoid street style photographers.
i dont' know why i squinted/wrinkled my brow, i guess it was the sun, which BY THE WAY IT'S REALLY WARM IN SOCAL RIGHT NOW!

okay, thanks for reading, visiting, leaving me sweet comments/emails/opportunities. awesome



Seego said...

love the outfit. the rings are amazing! and don't trip! your wedges are untied ;)

SOFIA said...

love it!

Cassidy said...

That dress is just divine!

Marinka said...

Your dress is really nice, I love your boots/wedges the most ^^

Dylana Suarez said...

The dress is gorgeous!



Natalie Suarez said...

so cute! love ur shoes! :)


Six Six Sick said...

I love that capelet, and I love how you borrowed everything from your parents. I steal from my mom quite frequently too!

Jelka said...

Love your shoes!

Miksu said...

Lovely rings!


ps. love the background music!

Kalina said...

gorgeous! I love this dress and rings!

greetings from

Anonymous said...

You are wayy creative, Jessica! :)
And I don't know if I ever told you this, but I loove the music on your blog!
You're amaaazing, and keeep blogging!
I know how tough junior year can be.
I am just about dying, hahah just kidding. ish.

xx natalie

Mulika said...

The outfit looks great. I love the idea of reconstructing your Mom's trench! The cape looks great :)

Pop by and say hello. I also have a major give-away running that I know you will just adore :)


Veronica said...

Cool outfit and blog!:)
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

asia said...

love your outfit ! :)

and you are perfect model !

i will follow you :)

the rings are gorgeous :)

Izzy said...

I'm in love with your shoes! AMAZING outfit. Thanks for the comment too, new post up :)