Bohemian Rasphody

knit: ross
skirt: my mom
belt: my dad
sandals: UO
necklace: DIY

thank GOD that i have cultivated a love for lengthy skirts!
my mom has (as many of you are aware) BUNCHES AND BUNCHES of maxis from her younger, i-care-about-dressing days, and they keep me away from the mall and away from spending $$$.
I love this skirt because of the shape (almost mermaid... but not too constraining like my black F21 one.. which i don't think has gone up on the blog yet) and the little dot pattern on it.
i feel VERY oddly bohemian today--I don't think I've ever dressed in earthy colors (at least in as much as i'm wearing today... )
anyways, I just wanted to remind you all that you can still, and should, donate to Japan.
What saddens me is that once the news of Japan fades and the initial shock goes away, people start to lose their interest and care for the crises that have occurred in Japan--and are STILL going on. The fear of a nuclear meltdown is shrouding over the Japanese, but I know that they, as an immensely strong people, have the hope and courage to overcome this disaster. The MULTIPLE articles I read today in Time Magazine sincerely rang in my mind, as i flipped through the desolate and despairing or joyous reunion photos that filled the pages.
I have to admit that even I myself have pushed the thought aside due to what I believe is more important in my  OWN LIFE, but I was sucked back into realization multiple times this week. Earlier yesterday, one of my dad's closest friends called from Japan, and his voice was so optimistic and cheery. It's very humbling to see these people, who have encountered so much death and hardship, to still be like that. I can't imagine myself every going through it.
i encourage all of you to take some time to look at these photos from Time, and just sit back and contemplate on the valuable life you live.



Victoria said...

you are so prettay! loooove that skirt!!!

and you are so very right about Japan we all need to be more aware of not just this but everything that is happening outside of our own little worlds.

Great post <3 V

Natalie Liao said...

Jessica! You look so tall here :O
Love the knit though! <3
xx natalie

Hope Bidinger said...

Oh my gosh absolutely GORGEOUS girl! This has to be one of my favorite looks:) You own it! I have never tried a maxi on....but maybe I just might have too!

oh and I know what you mean about Japan...I still want to donate more!

chinchillakwak said...

love your blog. you look great in this skirt + the long hair

Tiffany said...

I love the way the knit pattern mixes with the skirt's pattern. It looks great. I love your blog!

Isabella said...

You pull this look off so well!

Queta´style said...

I love the title of the post match really well !

Natalie Suarez said...

gorgeous! u look so so comfy! :)


Dylana Suarez said...

I want to wear this like right now!



fashion westie said...

The first and second images are magazine worthy! I just love the shape, texture and colour of the knit. And am extremely jealous of your Mum's skirt collection-lucky you!

Great outfit.

Camilla. said...

I love that skirt

xx Camilla

giveaway on my blog :)


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

lovin the patterns. :)


Kalina said...

you look stunning! I love this outfit!

greetings from

Bog-Bog said...

Love the whole outfit!

crazy pig said...

I admire people who can wear long skirts in a beautiful way, like you do! I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it,but on you, it looks just wonderful! And the knit is damn cool, but weren't you hot?
And the disaster which is destroying Japan really scares me and I feel even more sorry about it when watching these photos... it's so far-away that it seems like unreal! Unfortunately, it isn't... :/

Valéria Ferreira Bernardo said...

Amazing! Nice shoes kisses

Tamara S. Putri said...

looking lovely as usual :)


asia said...

you're great !

again gorgeous outfit ! :)


Blackswan said...

this is such a comfy yet ultra stylish outfit! loving the knit and floral combo!

i can't seem to find out who is the artist/song of the first song on your playlist! could you please share the details - i think i just fell in love :)

many thanks,


x Your Only Blackswan

Blackswan said...

oooo i figured it out! it's Brooke Waggoner! cheers lady.


x Your Only Blackswan

Mischell double W said...

i adore this look and how you combined the long skirt with that oversized sweater. following your blog its really gerat! :)


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