I just can't seem to bring myself to do an outfit post or a runway review after my last post on Japan. As more and more bodies are found and the death toll creeps higher and higher, I sit at my computer, in an old but functional house, with working electronics, with showers and bathrooms, with blankets and enough food for however long--and I can't help but be extremely thankful for my life here in Southern California, in the United States. The life I live is more luxurious (despite my own complaints) than most people live in the world. The tsunami and earthquakes that have caused so much devastation to Japan has actually changed my perspective on life, and how I react to things. While I sit here and complain about bad internet connection, long and boring classes, or other things, they seem entirely irrelevant and selfish compared to what the Japanese are currently going through. I pray nightly for the safety of the Japanese, and that they may turn to God in this time of distress, and that He will hear our/their prayers.



Anonymous said...

I agree! It's so heartbreaking
seeing what has become of Japan.
So many lives... and futures lost.
Ugh, it's too sad! Anyways,
great post, it's nice to see bloggers
tying current events into their blog.
xx natalie

See said...

Amen sweetie, amen.

Viv said...

it's so sad what happened in Japan.. i hope for things to get better as soon as they possibly can


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i feel you. i'm constantly on cnn checking up on news =/


Carlota said...

its so sad :(
my family are donating alot of money to help them :)

Hope Bidinger said...

I know:( gosh I cant watch any of those video footages anymore. Its too depressing. Today I am donating all of the money in my wallet to Japan. They need it a HECK of a lot more than I do.

Callahan Brooks said...

completly agree, my thoughts are with everyone who is effected xx

RainCooper said...

Great Outfit. X