Lovely Lavender

COLLARED TOP: my mom's friend || MAXI SKIRT: my mom || BELT: ...? || SANDALS: uo
Hey guys.
after weeks of no outfits, i'm verrrryy sorry.

I went with my friend NICO to our "backyard" area... which is a big ecological reserve called the Newport Bay. There are tons of beautiful plants and trails where people exercise everyday.

I took pictures for her thing for Roxy, and she took pictures for my CLAIRE'S POSTS.

Check them out, LIKE them, and comment if you'd like!





Jess ♡ said...

I LOVE that maxi skirt. You look so gorgeous :) You and your friend Nico look like you're having a blast!

Victoria said...

awww i you guys are so cute :)

LOve your skirt!!!!!!

ALICE said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful outfit, beautiful face!! LOVE THEM.

I've just moved to New York, come and visit me at www.fashionandcircus.blogspot.com

XO Alice

Ella said...

what a nice setting to take photos in! that skirt is so beautiful, i love lavender! it looks so great with neutral colors, and i really like the way you worked it into your outfit.

Gianella said...

lovely pictures! And I love your flowy top and maxi skirt :)

Natasha said...

Woooow!! How great shots! You look amazing!! I am you new follower! :))

Kelly said...

I love that skirt - the color is so fun and springy!