enter the world of Eric Jimenez, a passionate artist from my school. 
the first thing i thought about his work was the free flowing conceptuality and different aesthetic that i have never seen before. 
the works are done by hand and some are scanned then digitally reworked (last two). 

in his own words: "It started with some ink pens and my imagination... I just let it run wild and let my brain lobes do all the talking. But I'm just a young dreamer from Costa Mesa trying to ride 
rockets up in space while changing people's ways of thinking."
"We encourage all the little weird things that are experienced in this strange life, and completely support Truth and positive thinking. We believe that with the power of our imaginations, thoughts, and good vibes we can change this world and make it a better place for all of the lost wanderers who are looking for meaning or a better NOW. Our designs are a reflection of our continuous abstract thinking because we believe that nothing is picture perfect clear. Everything has it's own abstraction and surrealism included, too.... "

make sure to check out all his work at the BZRK facebook fan page (HERE) and LIKE it (you bettah) ! 

feedback is greatly appreciated!



Porcelain complexion said...

These are absolutely remarkable, your school mate is truely talented and clearly has a very bright future ahead.
They're different & intriguing, I especially LOVE the 3rd one from the top.
Thank you for sharing these.

the funky fashionista said...

His artwork is amazing! I love seeing talented art work like this!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback....
Check out www.facebook.com/bzzzrk for updates on the first tee shirt/hoodie!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

These are just like wow. Amazing. x hivenn

costra y ampolla said...

SO talented!!! gorgeous illustrations!


JeanneS said...

your profile picture: OH MY, left me breathless!
and yes, these illustrations are not bad either, more than wicked awesome I'd say! :D
you are so artistic and you are only 16? JFC! What are you planning to study?

Vania Clarissa said...

wow , your illustrations so amazed babe :)

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