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BLOUSE: TJ Maxx, $15!!!
BELT: f21
RING: ae

So today was the first day of school and it was actually pretty normal, which isn't normal to say.
My classes are all decent and the teachers are nice
I'm taking AP Art History, AP Government and Economics, AP Literature, ROP Entrepreneurship (which i'm stoked about), Journalism, and AP Calculus.
I have a packed schedule, but it's going to be great. I'm most excited about the Entrepreneurship class (learning the ropes of having a business) and Journalism (I get to write about fashion for the school paper!)

So I'll stop rambling and just stop. 

haha, thanks for an awesome summer guys!



char said...

Great photos. I love your shorts! They're perfect for fall. Are you a senior now?! I remember when I started following your blog you were only a sophomore. :)

xx char

P.S., do you think you can take a minute to vote for me for a contest? All you have to do is 'like' the page, then 'like' my photo here!

Hope Bidinger said...

tjmaxx is the bomb.com!!! love love love the blouse gurl!

char said...

yay thanks for the vote! <3 if you had entered i probably would've lost. :l and I was sweating terribly when I took that photo hahah

Liana said...

gorgeous top and photos, that one with the sunlight behind you is amazing! glad you're liking all your classes so far, good luck! :)

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Victoria said...

love your top!!!! and amazing schedule! i didnt even know that class existed!!!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the comment! I need all the support I need. :)
Absolutely love that top!
Now following.

<3, V


lucia m said...

wow!!! love the photos!!!


Porcelain complexion said...

That blouse is beautiful!! I love the sheer fabric & the whimsical sleeves <3

Yay for your first day back at school xo

Bog-Bog said...

Amazing photos! Love the shorts so much!

JeanneS said...

first day at school and you are inspired to take so wonderful pictures? Well, AMAZING

Van said...

Hey Jessica!
Now i found time to say thank's for your nice comment on fashion tree!

Yea..you follow me..thank you for that, too :)

love youuuur outfit(s)!

keep on visiting fashion tree! :)



the funky fashionista said...

You do have a packed schedule! I'm sure you can handle it though! I want to take an Entrepreneurship class too! I'm taking mine next year! It will so help in the future when I pursue a career in the fashion industry! Good Luck!


Bad Joan said...

Love those shorts!!


Alessandra Mazzini said...

Hey!! I'm new here in your blog, the first time i see it and i really like it!! You got great style! I'm following!!


patty said...

LOVE the shorts.. hope school started out well for you :) come visit me in NY if you get the chance! <3 -patty

Clélia said...

Love your outfit ! Cute blog !!

You can win an OPI nail lacquer if you love my fanpage on facebook, good luck !