Markham on my list!

Okay, it kind of looks like a mini suburbia. And I might walk into the wrong house. But you have to admit, the community is pristine and gorgeous!
Gorgeous, cool color palette in the Resident Lounge--I love the zen vibe, looking at the picture makes me want to lay down on that couch and snooze.
Love this kitchen--the perfect amount of walking space and counter space for whatever it is I need to do. 

(images via vacancy.com)

On the northernmost tip of Staten Island lies the Markham Gardens, a stunning, fresh-faced apartment community of 12 acres. 

As a prospective fashion student, New York is undoubtedly the obvious choice for a strong secondary education. After living on campus for maybe the first year or two, many students strongly bond with their dorm mates, many of which eventually become co-renters of off-campus apartments! This idea is highly appealing to me, as I would love to take on the next level and the challenge of independence (or co-dependence, so to say). 

Although the commute from the apartment to the campus (assuming it's the Fashion Institute of Technology) goes through a ridiculous amount of toll road, ferries (or bridges? who knows), and such, the total time is a minimum 30 minutes, quite shorter than the 405 (remember Carmageddon?) on any given day! Also, the apartment features are astonishingly plenty and amazing for the price, around $1600 a month for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment--counting the split between my roommate and I, the total would be a reasonable $800--awesome! Another apartment feature--5, YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, FIVE--closets, the dream of all fashionistas. However, my favorite feature of the Markham Gardens apartments is the spacious (for an apartment!) and tasteful kitchen, as I love to experiment in the kitchen with cooking and baking. Also, pre-installed Energy Star appliances relieve the need to purchase any ovens, microwaves, stove tops, or refrigerators! 

Despite the opportunities presented in the kitchen, there will be times when I'll be absolutely busy and won't be able to cook. (Oh, drawing from my US History class now!)--As the docking place for the immigrants of the early 20th century, it was inevitable the east coast became the ultimate culture melting pot. Thus, it was inevitable for a melting pot of food culture (oh I'm hungry) to spring up at Staten Island! From Italian, Greek, and Chinese to classic American diners and fastfood, Staten Island is a haven for all things food. In addition to restaurants and bakeries, Markham Gardens is minutes away from heaps of vintage stores (that's always a plus!)

All in all, the Markham Gardens community, to me, is a slice of New York without the hustle and bustle of NYC itself (which I'll get in school either way)!

+++Who wouldn't want to decorate their own house anyway?