PFW Favorites+Recap//Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel

I still sensed the lovely aesthetic that Sarah Burton has been exhibiting since Mcqueen's passing early last year . She has tweaked some aspects of it, and I'm glad of it! (Anybody else notice some repetition ?) Anywho, the frothy layers and gorgeously vibrant hues were plenty in the middle gowns, while the others remained perfectly ethereal and undeniably McQueen. Bravo. An amazing collection with amazing details (the embroidery and texture of these gowns is astonishing!)

Marc Jacobs' collection exhibited a playful, childish spin on the '60s mod that has been appearing everywhere. Curved silhouettes and enlarged proportions aside, I loved the floral lace/eyelet motifs and the sheer overlays of the skirts, as well as the floral discs/pailettes in the last pieces. There was an amazing scale of color palette, ranging from the palest of washed out hues to deep navy and stark white. More texture appeared in the last feathered ensembles, which were equally as stunning.

I fully understand Karl Lagerfeld's source of inspiration as the sea (I mean, did you see the venue? OMG, check it out: HERE) The clothing was so reflective of that too, and after the normal crop of pale tweed ensembles, I began to see jellyfish and soft-boned fish appearing in the dresses. The textures and embellishments were incredible, as were the ranges in theme. I initially saw a prim, proper lady, which then morphed to an outrageous and spontaneous dresser with an eye for color, then (the jellyfish part), and finally a group of cocktail-party ready girls. This collection truly impressed me, all 85 pieces of it!

hope you enjoyed my quick review :)