All the Raj | Chanel Pre-Fall '12

triplet images via style.com//others, preebruleeblog.com

I truly applaud Karl Lagerfeld on his Pre-fall 2012 collection, inspired by the luxe and lavish lifestyles of the Raj. 
A "Paris-Bombay" fusion of sorts, I was pleased by almost all of the pieces in the collection, save for a few that seemed a bit off key.

All in all, the accessories' attention to detail (amazing head jewelry, if I may say) was well executed and done with an amazing nod to modern day fashion. 




Cáti said...

totally agree with you :) LOVE this!

just found your blog and I'm following*


Celebrity Style Tips said...

Love it so inspirational. Welcome to check out my blog and we can follow eachother if you like.


Moda said...

Gli accessori sono qualcosa di eccezionale.


Marie said...

I've always loved Indian jewelry... perhaps that's why I ended up marrying and Indian man. ;)

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Daniella said...

It dosnt matter how many times i see these photos,i am always completely amazed by the talent and inspiration that are behind these clothes! So beautiful and i always see something new when i look at these looks,at that is what i call true art! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Chloe said...

Chanel will never ever cease to amaze me. Could you imagine just been able to be in the same room as some of these garments ? Oh my god.

So bollywood inspired, I think!


keschen said...

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Ashley Isaacs said...

what a great post.........amazing...........xx


Victoria said...

I was so going to do a post about this! These are such great looks. I was in awe!
Great post. :)



Miss-Peacock said...

OMG how great pieces, that's the inspiration I needed xo