Thankful for...

It is honestly difficult for me to iterate the extent of my thankfulness for everything and everyone in my life. For the past few months of college here in New York, I have been blessed in so many ways. From amazing new friendships and professors who are truly passionate about their field to my being able to stay and study what I love here, there are even more things I could list. 
More so, however, it's the basic things such as a roof over my head and something to fill my stomach for which I am grateful.
As most of you may know, the East Coast and many other areas were affected by Hurricane Sandy and its destruction several weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is still so much that should and needs to be done. There are people unbelievably still without electricity, people unable to stay warm, people who have barely anything to eat, people who don't have a place to stay.
Please consider giving to organizations like the American Red Cross, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, or Habitat for Humanity. 

God Bless,