PRE-FALL '13 Loves II

Ever since Claire took over Chloe, she has consistently delivered beautifully tailored pieces that speak of the simple but always chic French style. The crisp pleats and sharply cut pants and coats are perfect when paired with more effeminate features like eyelet lace and delicate collars.
I am always intrigued by how Lhuillier is able to translate her skill of gorgeous draping and dressmaking into ready-to-wear pieces. You can see those skills in the cuts of her blouses and skirts. I also love the very obvious pebbled leather texture in the second coat and that reptilian texture on that pullover. Ultimately, I am most in awe by her ethereal gowns (those last two just get me)--especially with the last piece, I feel like Lhuillier is the only one who can pull off a mix of chiffon, lace, and silk in  a single dress. 
I never thought that I would enjoy plaid and oversized belt buckles this much, since I'm pretty sure that combination existed sometime in my fashion faux-pas ridden childhood. I admire the styling in this collection; the '40s waves are perfect with both the fitted, tailored looks as well as the voluminous features. 
With a cast of sylph-like models, this collection conveyed a very feminine fairy-like quality to me. I loved everything from the organic floral prints to the petal-like tailoring in the separates. 
Looking through the Calvin Klein Collection is always a breath of fresh air in between some of the rather unconventional pre-fall collections. I am, and will forever be, a fan of strong, structured silhouettes and a minimal color palette.
I love how the signature knits are flawlessly incorporated with other staple pieces such as a fur-collared coat or leather trousers. I found the color transition very interesting yet cohesive; it began with a monochrome gray scale, then worked towards rusty fall hues contrasted with an electric blue, and slowly mixed in jet black. 
By the way, did you know that the private plane of the Missonis (with them in it! yikes!) has been reported missing? More HERE

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Rebecca said...

All the shades of blueee! As sick as I am of winter... this kinda makes me excited for next fall :o
xo, Becca

laurenashleytay said...

Love this! I agree with your taste!

libys11 said...

superb picks!! and yes, i heard about missoni!!! not a big fan of missoni, but still!!!! oh nose..

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amalie said...

omgggg. looking forward to the springgg x