(capsule) Weekend | Part II

 I think it's safe to say that I'm a big fan of eclectic bohemian jewelry (although I don't necessarily wear it or own that many pieces). Vanessa Mooney's Coachella-goer pieces in a variety of precious stones and polished metals had me looking at my own turquoise and silver neckpieces.
After seeing photos from Susan Woo's most recent collection all over instagram, it was really amazing to get a closer look at the pieces and meet and chat with her in real life! To begin with, the color palette of black & white and an infusion of aubergine and lavender (and all the tones in between) was refreshing. My favorite pieces were the chunky cropped knit and the incredible boned bustier, which was done in conjunction with some couturiers!
At WAYNE - Leather cutouts overlayed on perforated textiles underneath? I'm sold. The cracked coated texture of the knit was something I had never seen before. Other pieces I didn't get a chance to snap: a beautifully structured cape, prints to swoon over, and the simplest yet most elegant round-hemmed tanks.
 Jessica Park's collection Ampersand As Apostraphe is all about transformation and versatility. I was so intrigued by the astonishing varieties in which her bags could be worn (all the bags in the first shot are the same style; the pouches in the second shot can be handbags or unzipped and worn as shoulder bags! mind. blown.). I thought the luxe leathers and bold hardware trumped all until I saw the printed pony-hair wallet, which also came in a ridiculously awesome shade of hot pink.
Putting the "premium" back into premium denim, the LA label Lorem hastruly amazing and never before seen offering of leather lined/trimmed jeans. Coming in fantastic color combinations, washes, and even metallic finishes, the jeans and jackets are perfect streetwear pieces. Cool hardware always wins me over.

I can't wait for (capsule) SS14! 



FABIENNE said...

The ampersand as apostrophe bags are awesome. I wish I would be able to afford one. :D Thanks for sharing :)
As I'm traveling to NY for 3 months I'd like you to ask if you have any recommendations or favorite places?! :)

Greetings from Germany xx

Jane said...

A lot of cool brands to discover, thanks for sharing !!

amalie said...

so pretty!!