YOKISHOP | Let's Go to the Beach

A colorful array of surfboard fins lined up in the front window 

I recently stopped by YOKISHOP on the PCH with my friend Cristina, who's an intern there, and spent some time looking around at the amazing garments created by Jeff Yokoyama and his team. 
I shot a lot of images but, with my newfound editing skills (I practiced!), here are my favorite shots showcasing the shop, the merchandise, and its happenings. 

The maker (L) in his workshop

A board on the left wall containing items like jersey bikinis and washed ashore flippers for a cool upcoming collab

I'm sure my local readers will know / have come across the work of Jeff Yokoyama, the acid wash flannel pioneer and creator of iconic streetwear brands Maui & Sons, Modern Amusement, and Generic Youth, to name a few. 

Newly relocated to the PCH, Yokishop is a little smaller than the former Generic Youth store in Costa Mesa but nonetheless retains the same laid-back yet eclectic beach vibe with details like surfboards on the ceiling and "found" pieces displayed around the store complementing the aesthetic of the merchandise. 

image via Yokishop
If you have never encountered Generic Youth, it all came about from the mind of Jeff's equally creative  and entrepreneurial daughter, Coco, a friend of mine. GY was primarily based on repurposing textiles and creating amazing, one-of-a-kind garments. That same process is practiced in Yokishop today, as seen below.

 Piles of fabric ready to be made into one-of-a-kind pieces for their beach-bound customers.
When I visited the shop, a girl walked in, chose a beach towel and had her order taken for a custom jacket. Pretty sweet!

 Interns Annie (testing out a pullover being remade) and Cristina (wearing a stunning vest in process)

Some rad Supreme decks and a string of abandoned plastic beach toys found in the sand hanging from the ceiling

As if the decor wasn't inspiring enough, tear sheets and old magazines, including this issue of Seventeen and an A&F Quarterly from the '70s, took us on an exploration of vintage advertisements, fashion trends, and an abundance of unconventional inspiration. On the right is a small inspiration board tacked with various photographs and fabric swatches that set the theme for Yokishop.

Flashback to my interview with Yoki's Garden for Atomica Magazine issue #4, Slate! I came across Yoki's GARDEN gear again on the center table, and this time split down the middle with rivals USC and newly licensed partner UCLA side by side. 
On the left wall hung a rack of their fantastic garments, including these french terry pullovers that I am obsessed with and cool board shorts in geometric prints. 

Being in the shop, hearing the 'design dialogue' and observing the start-to-finish creation of custom garments was an entirely awesome experience in itself and I'm happy to have seen the team in action.
With that said, no more talk...


find Yokishop on the PCH at 
2429 West Coast Highway #102, Newport Beach, CA
or at