fashion of the future

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hussein chalayan is at it again in his SS09 collection, and these futuristic beauties are LOVE. the beautiful backs are warped yet streamlined, with a touch of glamour. my first impression is that the dress is malleable metal, and someone has pulled it from the back, spiking it into the dress it is.
the show, on the other hand, is pure genius. after a brief period, the lights go out and the ominous glass ringing is heard, and then models step out one by one. when all the models arrive, the spotlights go on, and the stage begins to rotate! the music pace quickens and all the glasses are broken. this show is a must-watch :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8-t0-Pzj9o - this is the last half of the show

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Anonymous said...

this is craziness! the video was crazy! haha
those dresses are very futuristic! i think it'd b hard to sit in though... haha. other than that they look amazing!
-nico <3