throw me a rope and save me

DIYS make me crazy. ahah, they're like my oxygen
[1] diy old shirt necklace
via cucumbersome's instructable
you'll need:
- a teeshirt (any color)
- scissors
1. grab your teeshirt and fold it in half
2. cut off the hem on the bottom
3. cut strips of the teeshirt according to the diagram, all the way up to the underarms of the shirt.
4. take the pieces you've cut and stretch them out a bit
5. if the length of the circular piece you've cut is too long, wrap around twice.
6. gather all the circular pieces and cut another strip (not circular, basically a long string)
7. use the cut strip and wrap it around any point of the gathered pieces.
8. secure by tying, or sewing it.
! :)
[2] close up detail of the necklace
[3] DIY brass button chain necklace
got those random but very vintage looking buttons lying around? make them into something! i just opened up some chains with pliers and hooked the buttons into them. them i stringed them all together!
[4] close up detail of the buttons
brass, gold, silver, etc! enjoy, and try some.

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