it bags

NAME CHANGE: fascination drop next IT BAGS? yes, according to nosideup, my FAVORITE papernstitch store. i cannot accept credit for this wonderful design.
now, just grab your fabric markers and a tote and genius it up with your favorite it bag, whether it be a chanel 2.55, a balenciaga motorcycle bag (i might try this next!), or an hermes kelly bag.
I WILL USE THIS SO MUCH IN THE FUTURE, and will enjoy the compliments of "cute chanel bag" lol :)


kelly said...

MAKE ME ONEEEE you amazing personn

Style Bird said...

This is wonderful, I need to try this. Your DIY's are perfect.

Anonymous said...

JESSICA! u're crazy!!! this is AMAZING!
y do u have to b so BRILLIANT!?! haha
love this!... may u make me one? i need a bag for school and u're much better with fabric markers then me! haha
~nico <3

MGU said...

Oh dear,
Nice to see my work appreciated, altough this is a bit bizarre to see :)
Well, enjoy your bag and if anybody asks, I can make them one.

Jess ♡ said...

Holy crap this is genius! I pretty much want a Chanel 2.55 for myself, well not the legit version of course. Why bother with the legit?