royal blue and jet black too

recent "window-shopping" led to "buying." man, i wish i could focus on what I NEED. lol, but i bought a couple of statement pieces that hopefully are well incorporated into my wardrobe in the future. [1]white singlet - the tshirt factory in costa mesa, baroque lanvin-ish necklace - f21, royal blue pleated faux silk skirt - f21. casual meets chic, i've read TOO MANY times how a statement necklace can jazz up a plain jane tee shirt, here it is folks. [2]dramatic two toned dress with low back and super cute zipper can you say impulse buy? well, when you walk into urban outfitters and someone says "I like your shirt, it's so cute, where'd you buy it?" then i brighten up and need to buy something, lol (the shirt was a navy and white striped 3/4 sleeve henley from my friend chanelle). so i wrath-ed up on this dress, wow. gotta find a bra to wear with this! in the picture i wore a strapless and pulled the back ALL THE WAY down there. next time i'm keepin' my eyes on the PRIZE(S) namely - black bandage skirt, flowy teeshirts, solid colors, statement necklaces. xx


E said...

I love that zipper! I need more pieces with zippers on them!

paulfrankrox918 said...

OMG HOW COME U DIDN'T SHOW ME THESE WHEN I WAS OVER??? haha jk. these are super cute! i love the blue skirt and the dress!
btw thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the necklace!
oh and do u remember what the song was called for lyrical...? haha i totally forgot once i got into the car! haha

paulfrankrox918 said...

add these onto lookbook! :)