désolé mon Dears

sorry for the lack of updates, my dears.
my computer needed to be re-wired because it got a virus :(
anyhoo, here are my MOST RECENT AND HOT HOT HOT DIY'S!
[1]gray rosette necklace with silver silk ribbon
i absolutely LOVE this necklace, after hours of sifting through necklaces at UO and f21 i found how easy they were to DIY, but this one particularly was on my mind (i had no inspiration from any stores, i'm proud to say :) but the silk ribbon was, in part, of MIU MIU/LANVIN.
[2]close up of the necklace
i had a shirt from f21 that was growing quite saggy and decided to cut it--into rosettes. (which i what i always do with stuff like that, i've sewed 15 rosettes out of an old sweater) like it?
[3]chain choker
what i love about this necklace is that it was QUITE easy to make. the simplicity and chic-ness (is that a word? haha) makes it high-class and sophisticated but wearable with jeans and a lowcut tee!
so, wanna know how to make these, mon dears?
-cloth (any color, material)
-another piece of cloth, one that you can sew the rosettes onto
-needle and thread of course!
-ribbon (grosgrain or silk, whichever you prefer)
start by cutting out various circles, varying from small to large, and then take the base piece and begin cutting circles that gradually shrink. (each rosette can have 3-4 pieces). when all your rosettes are sewed (i sewed like, 8?) grab the other piece of cloth and begin to sew the rosettes onto it (it is best that you place the rosettes on the cloth first, and draw what shape you would like to cut for the rosettes, it is also best that the cloth is a big smaller so that it doesn't show up behind the rosettes). take your silk ribbon and sew it onto the rosette piece, tie the ends of it, and VOILA! you are finished!
(ALTERNATIVE- add on some glamour by sewing some colored beads in the middle of the flower, or rhinestones)
-gold/silver chains, thick or thin
-a leather cord that is enough to cover your neck
-elastic cord
-hot glue gun
begin by plugging in your glue gun first, and waiting for it to heat. while you are doing that, think of how you will drape the chains on the leather cord. i glued the chains from the back so none of the hot glue would show. you can also wrap the chains around a couple times (see the picture). when the glue is hot, begin by taking the end of the chain and positioning it where you wish. repeat with other chains. after all your chains are glued on, put up your hair and get ready for some measuring, but first cut a bit of elastic cord (however much you think you need) and hot glue one end onto the leather cord. measuring time! when you have one end glued on, put on the necklace like you would with a regular one, and see how much you need to be able to take off the choker (also making sure that it looks like a choker with it on, and not a droopy necklace) and then hot glue the other end, and FINALLY you are done :)
(ALTERNATIVE - if you think your head is possibly too big to fit the elastic while it looks like a choker on your neck [this was almost me, but i had no time to run to Michael's and grab a lobster clasp] go and get a chain and lobster clasp. attach the chain to one end, and the lobster clasp to the other and your done!)
oh goodness the longest post ever!
hope you enjoyed :)


Style Bird said...

I really love the rosette necklace..I will try this. The chain choker is great too.

s.b. said...

these are such great DIY's! i will definitely try these. thanks for the awesomes ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! love them both!! <3

thanks so much for yesterday! :)
maybe we can go back to school shopping together for clothes and accessories!

oh yea... so when is the next day of dance?

~nico <3