doctor, doctor

(click for larger image)
[1] my new/old? doctor bag
from my mother's closet, i was snooping >:)
[2] the convertible miniature doctor bag
you can use it as a sideways/messenger bag or as a handbag, i prefer the messenger.
cute, and free. probably costs me $50+ outside for the vintage LOOK of this TRULY vintage bag (ecchem urban outfitters...)


ally m. said...

so jealous!

Style Bird said...

I LOVE this bag...and I LOVE your blog!

s.b. said...

ahh! love this!
that bag looks amazing, and truly vintage.
i love snooping in my mother's closet, too. & i also found a vintage bag! maybe i'll post it sometime !

E said...

Oh this reminds me of this great LV bag I stole from my mom! I love it!