'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

i recently did a sketch of coco rocha (not my best, i did sasha pivovarova so much better) and here it is. the collar is kind of messed up, but i still count it as pretty good :D
i count some imperfections as her eyes being too far away from each other. i took a huge break from sketching, and this is my return. hopefully more come in the future.
the picture is from google images.

coco rocha=my fave. top 5 include- sasha pivovarova, siri tollerod, jessica stam, anabela belikova, and of course coco rochaaaa :D

the fourth picture is a sketch i did inspired by masquerades. simple black silhouette face with a water-colored mask and penciled hair.

another DIY it bag, for my friend nicolette :)

your thoughts please



paulfrankrox918 said...

CRAZINESS! omg that's amazing! when i saw it i was like OMG SHE SKETCHED COCO ROCHA!
and i love love love the mask! it's gorgeous!
and i adore my beautiful bag! thank you so much!
i can't believe my name is on one of the posts! hahaha

-nicolette <3

Bella said...

drawing: love! she looks fierce!
watercolour: love! nice colour-on-pencil effect :]
bag: LOVE. and am considering making one for myself. Not all that sure yet :p where did you get the idea from? :)

sgk1993 said...

you never fail to amaze me!!!

Chloe T said...

The drawing of Coco Rocha is amazing amazing amazing, I love the detailing in the eyes and lips!
The painting is really interesting too, with the contrast between the heavy, strong feel from the black to the lightness of the watercolours, very very nice.
And wow, that bag is amazing, your friend is very lucky! :D
Yet another wonderful post, love it!


©hu. said...

Wondering with what you drew on the bag... :]

Tayler said...

the mascaraed sketch with the silhouette and watercolor is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hola, muy interesante el articulo, saludos desde Mexico!