tex⋅ture [teks-cher] –noun 1. the visual and esp. tactile quality of a surface: rough texture. so i haven't come across anything QUITE interesting, and i haven't taken any pictures of my outfits. but I DO know what my next post is gonna be. (a little bizarre, but cool.) so this post is just a photo post. i've got different textures here (thus definition of texture) my eye with eyeliner and mascara. i love this picture A LOT. i added saturation to this so it really POPS. very bright. sequins on my dance recital costume sleeve. love sequins, wherever they appear. i took this picture, and some light decided to bounce off it. SWELL. white wooden heels ( from mother) on grass. this is the grass in my backyard. nuff said. Catalina water slash waves. basically, the pacific ocean. marine bio, still not helping me. GOSSIP GIRL ON TONIGHT.


Bella said...

awesome, the first two pics especially :]

E said...

Oh I think these photos are so interesting though. I love good details photos.

the christy said...

wow, your posts are great yet again and i love that song - breathe me, sia. your so fashionable and creative!:) love it!