oh baby

so, you've probably guessed. this post is about BABY CLOTHING. i'm a freak when i walk into Baby Gap, everything there is just so damn cute. spotted: little black riding boots, little velvet magenta coat with brass buttons, little tiny gladiator sandals, little schoolgirl blazers. since i have 2 toddler siblings, i decided to showcase my favorite pieces from their closets (not anything different from ours). mostly consisting of Ralph Lauren and Paul Frank polos, plaid flannels, and schoolgirl skirts--their wardrobe is what i might have wished for in my early years. acid wash jacket. the cutest jacket ever, belongs to my baby brother. most of the time he's clad in polos and khakis, which still meet my standards (haha just kidding). cream sweater. seems a little mature (hey i would wear it), belongs to my baby sister. she'd wear this with her paul frank velour miniskirt and tights. what a cutie :) the most outrageous piece of child's clothing ever seen. i'm going to ask my sister to invent a machine that will blow things into larger proportions, because i NEED this blazer. i saw it in their closet, and was like 'why isn't that my size', immediately. the accents are wonderful, very band jacket-ish. white crinoline. okay maybe a tutu skirt, but its' still really cool. i probably wouldn't have the courage to wear crinoline, (uhh. halloween or something) but i love this, its verry flouncy. you're supposed to wear it under a dress so it poufs up like a princess :] my baby brother, johnny, wearing my mom's vintage YSL sunglasses. that's just how he rolls. oh baby babay, baby baby. xx


Tallulah said...

very cute :) very jealous of your little siblings!! :)

Bella said...

I think they may just be more well-dressed than me :D that acid-wash jacket is adorable... so's the military jacket :] xxxx

Marieke said...

Love your jackets!

the christy said...

hi, btw i have changed my blog address because it was so philosphyish,
it's now teaplusfashion.blogspot.com :)