tubular cowl mesh

the season has ended. the hot one. welll.. it's still pretty hot here in newport :/ i hate it. i just CAN'T WAIT to pile on the sweaters and layer. i need to get a good coat. preferably navy/black with gold/brass buttons. hmmmm... i'm pissed without my lace-up boots :( i need themmmmm! or i'll just get my brown leather riding boots fixed. so basically above is a summer outfit, the huge black tank top, sheer cobalt tight thingies, and my egyptian necklace. the beautiful second picture is greg kadel, DUH, and i think it's practically amazing. the last two are dresses from i presume hussein chalayan, correct me if you know/i'm wrong :]
these days... i just wish i had a better camera and better clothes. im killing myself without these items: black oxfords, black or navy fitted blazer, simple sandals (not everyone has those ones form UO), THOSE lace-up boots (damn, i think they're gone.), and a slouchy sweater. i'm stuck.

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